Saturday, September 02, 2006

Charmed, I'm Sure

So, the mailbox has been a little empty since I went cold turkey on swaps. The only *remedy* is to buy stuff online, which I guess preempts the whole saving money argument...I can't win.

I am the proud owner of this beautiful charm bracelet from Inspire Company

I cannot begin to tell you how perfect this is! Every little charm, button, and bauble is just as cute as can be. I have always wanted a charm bracelet. I had a charm necklace back in the 80s along with everybody else, one of those plastic jobs with the charms that clipped onto the "chain", with things like scissors that really cut and the frying pan with eggs. Those things are worth some dough right now on Ebay. I guess the Emo kids are in their 80s flashback stage - for this month anyway.

I've scoped out the Inspireco bracelets in the past, but they did not seem as "me" as this one does. I was lucky to get it, as the bracelets sell out very fast. It was between the one I bought and this one, as you can imagine. But, the green and red put me off a little bit, and I think I will wear this one more often. I also had considered ordering a custom bracelet from here, after seeing Alicia's beautiful charm bracelet, but the cost was a little too high for something that though I may keep forever, I will undoubtedly not wear very often. It makes it more special to save your charms for special occasions.

Also in the mail, two new books

The Embroidered Treasures for Children book is just - words cannot describe it. It is truly the most inspiring book I have bought in a long time. It is by the same woman, Claire Garland, who makes the Knitted Babes (which I also have been meaning to try). DITP posted pics from the book on Flickr awhile back, and I ordered it the same day (along with Claire's new book, Toys to Sew, due out in October). Amazon suggested to add The New Crewel, so I did that too - throw 'em all in! I've been wanting to try a crewel project for some time, and try out my needles. I know - I need to buy some crewel wool, but this is what I had on hand, and they had anchors on the wrapper, which kind of goes with the whole crewel-nautical thing, so there.

Oh, and - er - here is something going out

The fabric is being sent as a favor, but what's that in the background? Aw crap - I guess I officially fell off the swap wagon...

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Miss Bliss said...

That bracelet is tooo cute!!! I love the color scheme. And as for those 80's charm necklaces, I may just have to tear apart my "old stuff from when I was a kid box" to find it, worth some cash now you say???? I could use all I can get!