Thursday, September 14, 2006

Back to Cool

A little late after my expressed love for all things Fall and reflection on school days long ago ~ some Back to School cupcakes

The title of this post reflects a party we had 2 years ago with the theme "Back to Cool.*" Everyone was asked to come wearing their best re-interpretation of middle school attire (for everyone invited, this was mid-80s) and a picture of themselves from that time period. I made a bulletin board to hang the pics from, had cheesy inspirational posters hung everywhere (e.g. "Learn Something New Every Day" with a picture of a dog typing on a computer). We served pizza, tater tots, and canned corn served in Styrofoam partitioned trays. For dessert we had cupcakes similar to these (I saved the picks,
which are just pre-painted wood cut-outs with a toothpick glued on the back, from the original cupcakes)

Why am I telling you and not showing you this? Because I did not take ONE SINGLE PICTURE at that party!! It is so hard to believe that there was a time I did not evaluate the photoworthiness/ blogability of things that were taking place around me. Well, I'm glad the cupcake picks got one more use. Oh, and you get to see evidence of why I was the last girl in my third grade class to "graduate" from using practice handwriting charts

Actually, I'm not sure I ever met my teacher's expectations - she just got tired of telling me what my mistakes were over and over. Mrs. Harry - if you were reading this, I'd tell you - Geniuses never have nice handwriting!

* I doubt I am so honored as to have any Shelterrific contributors out there reading this, but I have to say anyways that I sooo miss Budget Living!! Honestly, it was the best magazine! This party was highly influenced by the wedding reception featured in the August/September 2004 issue, and is also in the Party Central book, for those that are interested, and were not subscribers to the hippest mag of all time!


Emy said...

Those cupcakes are adorable! They make me nostalgic. I've been thinking of doing something similar for Cale but the poor kid doesn't get to start school until next year so I think it might confuse him.
Last year I did a swap with a friend for halloween and I made her cupcake critters based on ones I saw at Fred Flare, but much cuter and happier and more in number. I should have taken pics but I forgot. My husband thought they were the silliest things possible and called them cupcake cuddleys. Your post just reminded me of them.

Ali said...

Love your handwriting chart photo. You're so right - my photos have really changed post blog!

elizabeth said...

okay, those cupcakes look soooo yummy!

and that frosting!

i must have the recipe!

Gina said...