Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tiny Prints Charming

I had all I could stands, and I couldn't stands no more...these had to come home with me!!

I've hemmed and hawed about buying more fabric when I don't necessarily know what its use will be, and I really have been good at resisting as of late. There was a fabulous vintage tropical print at Savers*, for example, and I imagined a perfectly lovely dress to wear to tiki events. But, I figured the fabric would sit in my newly acquired thrift store fabric box (for fabric that has not been de-funkedified) for months on end, taunting me for rarely following through with my big plans.

These tiny prints from Joann were just too good to pass up. I've admired them during several trips to the store, and even had them bundled up ready to cut at least once. But, I put them all back. My willpower is only so great, an yesterday ended up being d(ecision)-day, so here they are in all their itty-bitty glory

(created with fd's Flickr Toys)

Try and tell me that the one with miniature card suits isn't to die for?

So, my bargain with myself is that I have to make something with at least one of these fabrics by Sunday. Mark my words - you WILL see a completed project in the next couple of days, or I am cut off from buying any new fabric for the rest of the year. Or...let's say a very long time. Heck, you know dates are relative to me - but I am really counting on myself to follow through with something. Mark my words.

* Check our Savers/Value Village Redesigners Back-to-School Style DIY Fashion page - it has some pretty cute ideas!


Miss Bliss said...

I am soooooo on my way to Joanns!!! I have tiny little doll quilts to make, and lots of them! And that fabric is too cute!

elizabeth said...

okay, lemme try this again...if i paypal'd you the money for half a yard (+shipping) would you be willing to mail it to me? we don't have a joanne's down here any more (rat bastards).

girl, that fabric is fabulous, and i got all excited just looking at it.

(just so ya know, the comment i tried to make a second ago before blogger was being an ass was a lot funnier ;)