Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Notebook

Joining the masses opting for analog organization in a digital world, I bought my first notebook this past weekend.

BT is very disappointed that I did not go with the Moleskine, as he uses. I usually prefer to follow trends a little differently than everyone - by choice, not from lack of knowledge. Like in high school where everyone was wearing Docs, I wore NaNa boots (ok - in middle school when I wore the *wrong* jeans, that was not by choice but 'cause in my naivete I didn't know any better)

Here is my prior "organization" system

I'm not joking - this was all in my purse* at any given time. It was in a little paperclipped bundle, so it wasn't spewing out like this - usually.

What is all this crap? Well, I made a list based on the order it was entered into my notebook:

1) Envelope stating: In case of emergency, please contact...and contained any phone number possible for BT, parents, Dr., etc. - I always just wonder how people know who to contact if you are in an accident and are unconscious or something? They could find out who you are from your driver's license, but that doesn't necessarily lead them to a phone number. I guess nowadays they could call people on your cell phone. I've always been paranoid about being listed as a Jane Doe at some random hospital. The envelope also contained a copy of our marriage license and my driver's license with my maiden name - you know - in case I up and decided to buy a house during my lunch hour.

2) A list of WIPs that never seem to get done

3) Post-its for project supplies for said projects

4) Martha's Spice Rack (7 pages long). I imagine that I will be at Cost Plus, or Penzeys, now that they opened one just up the way from us, and I will just impulsively buy all new spices in one heavenly spree, and all the right spices (said with Martha's inflection and raised eyebrow)

5) Dream herb garden - Along the same lines, I have 20 herbs that I wish were growing in my garden right now. I'm down to 5 after this terribly hot summer, but will try, try again in the next couple of months

6) A necklace and earrings that were on the Anthropologie website about a year ago, and I plan to make (or have made for me) similar ones someday. The necklace was ridiculously expensive. The earrings were not so bad, but I couldn't have one without the other. I watched them to see if they would go on sale, but they were gone long before then.
Seeing how obsessed I am with them nearly a year later, maybe the cost would have been justified.

7) The picture that came with our bedding set, along with a paint chip. The sample room was really well decorated, and I use it as inspiration

8) A list of containers I still need for my craft items and another paint chip (this list had to be modified, as I am in the process of going through crafty closet remodel part deux)

9) Some fabric samples for a baby quilt that I never started for a baby that is almost here

10) Our police report number and list of items stolen from our garage (don't ask)

11) A list of dates to remember and events for the current month

12) A slip of paper with the book for book group (Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler)

13) A weekly generated list of immediate goals and outstanding tasks

14) Various scraps of paper and post-its supporting these activities, as well as a few old receipts, grocery lists, etc.

Whew! Hope I don't seem like crazy obsessive compulsive note lady after that. Don't worry - my house is not covered in post-its (was that a commercial? where they labeled every single thing in the house with a post-it?) I like to write things down so I don't forget, and I like keeping these notes with me so I can refer to them when I am in the middle of Home Depot trying to remember which herbs I wanted to buy. Or see if some pillow I found at Ross matches our comforter.

A Blackberry or PDA just wasn't for me. I knew the scraps were not working either. I really am quite organized, though the paper explosion in my purse might have belied that fact. Now, I am a contained unit in a sleek discreet little orange leather cover

* beautiful purse that doesn't deserve to put up with this mess purchased from Alicia P. ~ Rosy Little Things


hannah said...

oh my goodness, i feel as though i am looking into my own purse! i finally eliminated all the bills i had stored in there and actually filed them where they belong. hmm, perhaps it is time to get myself a notebook as well...

Miss Bliss said...

All of that, in that adorable purse.... You are prepared!

pink trees said...

where in the world have i been? i didn't realize you were back! welcome back!

i'm a list maker too! my purse overflows with receipts, scraps of paper that i write grocery lists on, and project ideas. funny, i also carry a little spiral bound notebook to write all that in but i never do!

Domestic Chicky said...

Beautiful. I keep a notebook too, but my bag is big enough that I can carry a composition book. Or maybe loving the composition book has forced me to carry a bigger bag. Well no matter, nothing will replace my beloved notebooks, althought I do own the tech version of the (not to us) lowly pen & paper.