Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Name is Jennifer...and I'm a Swapaholic

As you may recall before my hiatus, I participated in the Coloriffic Swap-O-Rama nearly monthly. It is a very fun swap - arguably one of the best out there. But, it could get really expensive really fast, and that is before shipping (usually international, for me) was added in. I pulled myself out of the swap starting as of July, but too late - as I was hooked to swaps in general.

I started trolling through Swap-bot looking for more swaps to join - trying to be cautious about the theme of the swap, and only joining if a price limit was given. I think I've slowly weaned myself from swaps for a little while. It's been 14 days since my last swap, and I feel terrific!

Here's a sampling of my last few swaps. Not all of the people on swap-bot share their blogs or Flickr accounts, so I apologize if it seems like I am not giving proper credit where it is due.

The Dollar Store Swap ~ You know I couldn't stay away from that one (organized by Scratch Craft). The first one's cheap - that's how they draw you in.

Sent (I call it my cutesy wootsey theme):


Then there was the Crazy for Kawaii swap ~ again, too good to pass up. Everyone needs a little kawaii every once in awhile.

Sent (click on the picture to for notes):


Finally, there was my favorite swap yet with Jek, who of course is the organizer of Coloriffic Swap-O-Rama (the cycle of addiction - but in a good way). We organized our own dollar store swap with a $10 limit plus a handmade item.


(I took the pictures at night, so please see Jek's Flickr pics for better ones)

The theme within a theme I went with was a camp out, so items included a lantern, nature journal (or for writing about her secret crushes), a bug catching set, fill-in-the-blank letters to send home (my inspiration for the camp out theme - purchased on clearance from Michael's dollar section for 25 cents), shower cap, labels for her clothes so they don't get lost, and craft supplies, like colored popsicle sticks and a kit to construct your own birdhouse. Oh, and S'mores (candy bars), of course! The handmade item was a backsack (the turtle fabric you see).

If you can make out the Morton Salt craft idea book, it was *purchased* from the website here. I sent my check for $1, but it was never cashed. In return, though, I received 5 booklets! So, if you get a package from me in the next month or so, I'll bet you can guess what will be included!


Sweet apple stationery

Bunny paper bags and origami paper/stationery

Cute stacking blocks (that appears to be their purpose after scrutinizing the package - being cute)

Kokeshi doll

The cutest little wooden red mouse on wheels with felt ears (please refer to my avatar if you do not understand how perfect this is)

And that wonderful dotted object everything is sitting on? It's a dishtowel apron made by Jek and appliqued with a cute pink felt mouse!

I tried to take pictures of all the great things I received along the lines of Jek's style. Looking through her pictures is like walking into a candy store, and it is always a treat when she posts new ones. I was really so touched to receive this package, and wanted to show off everything the best I could. This swap allowed me to end my addiction on a high note. Now let's see how long I can stay on the wagon.


elizabeth said...

as you know, i too am addicted to swapping. i've cooled it for now with the move(s) and all...wait i take that back...i am participating in a handmade bday card swap but its not due till oct 1st and i'll have time in the next week or so to start working on that.

i have been thinking though about when i am going to start round two of the vintage swap.

caro said...

cute stuff! (both sent and received)
Not to be an enabler, but The Green Onion is having a one yard of fabric swap too.

Liz said...

I was laughing so HARD when I read the title to this blog entry.

I'm one too :}

lera said...

very nice. both received and sent.