Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Costume Wardrobe

One of the hobbies the hubby and I share is outfitting our *tiki bar* with mugs, art, and bric-a-brac. We also enjoy going to tiki-themed events (like this).

It's always a dilemma for me as to what I should wear to these events. On an average day, I typically wear fairly boring clothes, I think. I appreciate the different styles that are represented through the tiki culture (Swank, Rockabilly, and of course, Tropical), but I find that when I try to wear these styles myself, it does not feel natural, and I feel like I am wearing a costume. Here are a few of my "tiki costumes," ending with my latest addition - a shirt I made myself! Please note that the most important accessory to bring to any tiki event is your mug.

~ appropriate for cocktail parties, soirees, basically any event where Shag is present

Mug: Mad Marq designed by Squid, Tiki Farm, 2001

Tropical ~ Of course, always in style. I have yet to find the *perfect* conventional tropical dress yet, so here's my rendition - more of a beachy look, I guess

Mug: Tiki Goddess designed by Donella Vitale, Tiki Farm, 2004

Rockabilly ~ Arguably my favorite style represented in the tiki culture, yet the hardest for me to pull off. Best worn when a classic car show is held in conjunction with a tiki event (Did you see our pics from Tiki Invasion? Well, if not, head over here and hit "see previous" for more)

Mug: The Handled Skull Mug, Tiki Farm, 2005

(- Yes, that's a Heather Bailey Hooray for Headbands headband. Such a blessing to find this pattern! I have a tiny head, as evidenced by the fact that I made a child-sized version of the headband and it is still a teensy bit too wide. Much better than trying to do any variation of wrapping a bandana around my head, which looks outright comical)

- This outfit is from The Gap, so not sure how rockin' I am wearing it around people that dedicate themselves to dressing every day in retro modern versions of 40s/50s fashions. Besides the fact that I do not have bangs, any tattoos, or have down that aloof and slightly pissed off look that many of the gals at these events can so readily affect)

Menswear ~ As you would expect, men get off easier than women with these things. Tacky Hawaiian shirt. Shorts. Sandals. That's all you need. BT doesn't really wear a hat - I just put that in the shot to tee him off. Oh, and having the *best mug* is paramount

Mug: Tiki #2 designed and produced by Crazy Al, 2006

So, anyway, I promised you a handmade shirt. Here it is

Mug: Lucky Tiki designed by Squid, Tiki Farm

Made using Simplicity 4122. I think this covers both Swank and Rockabilly. I can't tell you the last time I sewed a garment (assuming aprons do not count). So, it was a little challenging, but I made it through. I hope you noticed the tiny card suit print from this fabric set

Thus fulfilling my personal challenge to myself to use one of these fabrics in a project before the end of the weekend, and I guess simultaneously giving me the green light to go buy additional fabric at will (or did I forget to say that was my reward?) The yoke is screaming for some Sublime Stitching, but an embroidery project is quite separate from a sewing project, so that does not detract from my fulfillment of the challenge. Or would embroidery make this even more costume-y? No matter. Just hand me a Mai Tai and I'd walk around in a grass skirt and coconut bra ~ sans any pretense of aloofness.


caro said...

I know exactly what you mean about the look some of those gals get at those types of events. I don't ever try to keep up. It's too much work!

The Simplicity shirt came out super cute! I may have to give that one a whirl too. It hits the rockabilly and swank mark perfectly.

elizabeth said...

that shirt!

holy shit! i can't even express how much i love it. seriously, that is the best darn shirt i have ever seen.


i am so green with envy right now :)

my house is cuter than yours said...

geez.. your top looks waaay better than the examples on the pattern front! i love it!