Friday, August 25, 2006

Much Better Thank You

You may recall this project awhile back?

It represents both my pride and my shame. On the one hand, I was thrilled to get a shout out on Whip Up (who wouldn't be?) But on the other hand, I was very embarrassed to be highlighted next to the other wonderful bags from the same post. It's funny because I read Craft Apple's quandary this morning over whether or not she should be upset that her fabric card tutorial picture was used on the Craft: Magazine blog. I understand this feeling of uncertainty about recognition. You understand that the person writing the article is probably on a quick deadline to get something out, and doesn't have time to wait for a response from you as to whether or not it is ok to post the picture (Maybe some people feel the same way about links, too?) 9 times out of 10 the answer would be yes anyways. Of course, you appreciate the added traffic to your site. But, there is a lingering thought in the back of your mind that maybe the person should have asked first. I know in my case the answer would have definitely been - Why?

You see, this really was a piece of sh*t project. The craftsmanship was sub-par, even by my standards. The handles were a joke. When I said "
sorry for the crappy pic - hard to get an inside shot" this was true - It was very difficult to get an inside shot without highlighting how terribly this was put together.

So, it has remained on my "to-do" pile for months. I found new handles relatively quickly (fake wood - I tried real wood too, but they looked too fussy). My impetus for getting it done now is to give it as a thank you to my friend Jenn2. We helped throw a baby shower for our friend Cristina recently (well, actually almost a month ago. I'm a little slow these days). I'll probably do a post about the shower soon, but in the mean time you can check out some pics of the favors and my present if you're interested over on Flickr.

Here is the revised purse with new and improved lining, handles, and an added flower brooch made using the tutorial provided by Molly Chicken

Close up of the flower

Here's the inside (no pins or tape or photography acrobatics required this time!)

In its original pose

and there were a couple other things I threw in, 'cause I think it's bad luck or something to give somebody an empty purse

Jenn2 is the obvious recipient of this purse, as she has expressed several times to various people that she thinks of me as a crafty person, and describes this purse to them as an example. I appreciate her support, and I feel much more comfortable calling this a project to be proud of now that it's been reworked.


Beekeebear said...

I think it was a pretty bag to begin with -- simple and fresh. Now, though, it's quite lovely! The flower is so adorable I could just eat it! Thanks for sharing the updated version with us.

elizabeth said...

that bag is friggin' awesome!!!

awesome i tell ya!

Barb said...

Really? I never ask first, and I post other peoples' stuff all the time. I figure it's a compliment to them--free publicity. And I love when people give me a shout out too. I never even really ever considered it rude or anything.
Should I reconsider my actions?

Anonymous said...

Jenn #1 You are the bomb!

I accessorized my outfit on this Tuesday morning with your lovely gift. The purse has been a huge success. I mean everyone and their dog keeps coming up to me and asking if you would consider making this awesome bag for money! I have showed everyone in my office your blog and the history behind the bag. You are getting major Kudos this AM!

Love ya momma and think the world of ya. No matter what you make you will always be your own worse critic but please know that I am your #1 fan!

Love ya!

Jenn #2 :)

my house is cuter than yours said...

hate to sound snooty but your bag really was the cutest!