Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fabric Buyer for a Day

I suppose it was pretty arbitrary and capricious when I stated that I was leaving, and when I expected to come back (October?), so I'll just add to my irrational behavior and write a random post out of the blue!**

Today I took a class on how to be a fabric buyer at my local craft store. The class was sponsored by Northcott Fabrics. It only cost $5, and they gave you a $5 gift certificate to spend in the store, so really the class was freeeee.

I have a really bad habit of anticipating what the reality of a situation will be - a pretty grounded look at the situation based on past experiences - but then add a level of fantasy and "what ifs" to try and enhance my excitement for said future event. Here were my real and made-up expectations prior to the event ~

Reality: Northcott fabrics has probably only produced one or two lines that I would buy for myself.
Fantasy: The new fabrics they bring to the class would all be hip and modern, and appeal to the new era of crafters.

Reality: Most of the women attending the class will be in the 60+ crowd, and feel the more going on in a quilt (patterns, design, color etc.), the better.
Fantasy: All the local craft bloggers show up at the class, and it would be like a family reunion discovering each other and discussing our current projects.

Reality: Nobody would initiate a conversation with me.
Fantasy: The Northcott representative and/or the fabric buyer for the store would approach me, and say that they really need somebody on staff with a fresh young perspective. The hiring process would be initiated, and I'd probably start work on Monday.

Ok - so reality won once again. But, I am always an optimist, so perhaps one day my fantasies will become reality. It was exactly what I expected - basically an advertisement for Northcott and an opportunity for the buyer to judge what would be popular to stock next season. The Northcott representative did give some worthwhile information about the difference in quality between fabric at quilting stores versus that at Joann or Walmart. The production information was very interesting (basically if you have any interest in designing fabric - just contact a company and go for it. It sounds like a very obtainable goal, and believe it or not you don't even have to be an artist - concepts are welcome) It was nice to hear about the company's commitment to donating money for breast cancer research - Quest for a Cure - and it's interesting to note that the amount donated is based on bolts printed, not sold. And we got a few freebies:

Actually I won the My Best Sunday Bloomers idea book as a door prize. I'd like to be modest and say that I never win anything, but quite the opposite is true. If there are multiple prizes at an event, I almost always win something (it's 'cause I'm a rabbit). This doesn't usually help with the whole making friends thing, except that I usually give my winnings to a little old lady that looks devastated that she didn't win anything. I wasn't feeling sociable at all today, so the book is home now. If anybody wants it, just leave a comment and it's yours (and you don't even have to be a little old lady!)

My - It's good to be back!

So, hi! How is everyone doing?

It has been nice to take a step back from things, and re-assess why I am blogging. It should be a chronicle of things I do - mainly crafting and baking, but also the occasional trip or story that may be of interest to some. It is a very good way to meet people with similar interests, and I definitely want to be more involved in the "community" again. This may sound silly to some of you, but I was kind of letting the blog control me, rather than letting it be an outlet for creative endeavors - meaning I would take on projects I may not have done otherwise just so I would have something to blog about. This resulted in extra spending, and extra undue stress.

Weird, huh?

Anyway, I have observed that not all bloggers post daily, or even weekly. Most of these occasional bloggers do not apologize for their lack of posts. Their blog is the medium they use to chronicle the experiences they deem blog worthy - its primary function should not be as entertainment for the masses. So, I hope no apologies are needed if I post sporadically.

I will leave more comments than I have been as of late, but most likely not on every post (though I admire each and every thing my now 80+ daily reads have to share!) I also am not really big on replying to comments left on my own blog individually. If you ask a question, I will write a comment on the blog entry so others can see the response as well. I know this topic has come up as of late in blogland, and I just know I don't feel in the least bit slighted not to hear back from somebody (in fact, I think it is a little odd when you write something like, Cute!, as a comment and get back a manifesto about the project - but I know that is
that blogger's preference for handling comments, so no worries). I also like to use comments to link over to your blog and learn more about you.

Finally, I appreciate constructive criticism. I only ask if you do have something to say that may be a little left of center on the "mean" scale, maybe it would be best if you email it to me? My email address is always located in my profile. I do not profess to be the craftiest girl on the block. Most likely I will never do a project worthy of a tutorial, or something "brand new" you've never seen before. I try really hard to give credit where credit is due, and try to give projects my own flair. Sometimes that "flair" is just the result of poor craftsmanship, but hey, I'm having fun.

Okey-dokey. Now that we've got all that written out, promise you'll never have to see it again, and we can get back to our (slightly modified) blogging schedule.


chanadaal said...

Hey, nice to have you back! I totally understand about the blogging stress. I've taken a bit of a break myself and came to a conclusion similar to yours - the blog is for me and I shouldn't feel the need to constantly entertain :-) I hope to be back a bit more often myself soon.... and no need to worry about the blog-worthiness of your crafts - they're great and I've always liked them because they're attainable - no special craft goddess degree required!

elizabeth said...

oh i am *so* glad you're back.

sorry about the confusion as to where i am hanging has been hectic and i haven't had a chance to ditch the typepad. but of course before i do that, i need to move the other posts over.

its so funny, i was just thinking about you this a.m. and wondering how you were.

glad you're back sweetie!

Barb said...

You're back!!!! YAY!!!! I wrote you a huge letter yesterday and the computer ate it. Grrr....
I'll rewrite one later today.

Miss Bliss said...

Welcome back!!!!

my house is cuter than yours said...

sonofabitch...i didn't know you were back..damn it.. i have some catching up to do!