Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Well, at least her son's happy!

Here's Emy's happy pack for answering last month's quizzical correctly

I warned her that though it looked like a package for her son, it truly was put together for her. I try to relate the packages to the question (the first quizzical was in the kitchen, so that happy pack was kitchen-related, the latest question was related to toys, etc.) I asked Emy to remember how thrilled she would have been as a kid to get a package full of smiling frogs. The little tissue holder is handmade. Look for another quizzical this month around the 17th!

Speaking of themed packages (that's how I think, if you haven't noticed - everything has to go together, neurotic monkey that I am), I am frantically trying to get the handmade items for my Color-iffic Swap package together by the Friday send out due date. This one was a toughie. First of all, orange and yellow is apparently not a very common color combination around here. Yellow, pink and orange is a little more common, but I wanted to limit my package to the theme colors, and I like to buy items that have both colors in them, not, say a tube of yellow paint and a tube of orange.

Second, my swap partner was a little more vocal this time about what she wanted. #1 thing she doesn't want: Japanese cute. Remember, I had bought this stuff for the swap? I figured it was pretty safe for anyone, and liked that both colors were represented. I have debated putting it in or keeping it out, but have decided to just go with it (minus the Miffy bank) with an explanation that I couldn't leave it out 'cause it was so darn cute, and that if anything I over-compensated buying more stuff from her "likes" list 'cause I didn't want to get a negative review. I hope she sees it that way.

I was going to take a break from the swap for awhile, mainly to save money, and 'cause it's going to be a busy month. Also, it might be more fun to get involved with a swap with people I "know" rather than complete strangers (hint hint). Anyway, I said to BT that I would wait until the color theme was black and white, as I thought that would be a fun package to put together. Guess what the color theme is for June? You guessed it! So, maybe the month after that I'll quit. Unless the colors are pink and brown...


telfair said...

I really love the "frog" happy pack!

Emy said...

I really enjoyed the package! I'll take a picture in a little bit of the stretchy frogs. I love cute kiddy stuff, it makes me smile. I love that you did a theme too. I don't think I could stick with a theme but that's just me; I rarely match.
I would love love love to do a personal swap. It sounds like tons of fun!!!

Barb said...

Did you buy those items at Cost Plus? GREAT place for gift basket items. I always buy wind-up toys there. Can't have a gift basket without a wind-up toy. I'll actually be posting about that soon.

my house is cuter than yours said...

ohhh! i love black and white together and pink and brown!

those gummy froggies look ymmy!

jek in the box said...

dare i even say how close you are to the color combo for july? dare i? how could anyone not like kawaii, i just don't know. i had pulled in some fabulous items for the b&w swap and then my partner...sigh...not so into it the way i want. i almost wish i was emailing all the info by hand so i could rig it or something...maybe you & i could do a black and white swap? in a month or so...:)

as always, i lourve all yer creative craftiness....happy may!


Naughty Secretary Club said...

Now I am craving gummy frogs. Ummm gummy cokes sound good too!