Tuesday, May 02, 2006

She's a little bit country...

This past weekend was my friend Jen2*'s birthday. Jen2 is from Texas, and is one of those lovely people you are lucky to meet in life that lights up a room when she arrives. She can drag a conversation out of anybody, even a wallflower like me. She calls her girlfriends "Mama," and always finds some way to get everyone laughing.

I was pleased to find, in my mind, the perfect gift for Jen2. I hadn't seen this set yet

It is by the same people that brought us Miso Pretty and Plain and Thimble. Here it is wrapped up

I went a little overboard on the country theme, but Jen2 loved it.

We had a Thai-themed dinner made by my very talented friend Cristina

She made everything here, if you can believe, except the Pad Thai. I'm sure she could have done that too if she had had one more day to prepare. I decorated the table (my contribution to the group dynamic, I suppose).

More party games with produce were played. Note the author's name for this game (Cucumber Crochet). That caught my attention - though I'm pretty sure they meant croquet. Anyway, we didn't have any cucumbers, so oranges had to do. We also played this one, which is very appropriate for a group of lewd men that have known each other since high school. The women never got past being told what their phrase was without laughing. Good times.

Happy Birthday, Mama!

*Who is Jen1, you may be asking? Well me, silly! We've tried to come up with alternate nicknames, like I would be O.J. for Original Jen, or we'd go by our last names, but nothing else has stuck with our group except Jen1 and Jen2.


Pink Rocket said...

[blush] men with "dangling" tights hitting potatoes! ha!

cute wrapping!

elizabeth said...

how ca-yute! and how lucky are you to have a friend like that. love those kind of people :)

Jenn2 said...

Howdy to All Ya'll... For those of you who do not know, this is a Texans way of saying Hello to more than one peep! I wanted to take a moment and share with Jenn1’s fellow bloggers what a great person she really is. I am new to this whole blogging thing so please bare with me as hooked on phonics does not necessarily help with the spelling department. (Thank gosh for Word!)

It is true I am Elle May coming to the BIG city! As I come from a graduating class of 78 people from Elkhart, Texas and that would be just outside of Palestine, Texas (where the space shuttle Discovery blew up / and yes it is spelled like the country) Better yet my front yard was even a corn field, I guess you can say that I am basically blue collar TV waiting to happen! Get ER done!  I am so lucky to have Jenn1 as a friend and truly send out a special thank you for the help with my birthday. She and Cristina did an outstanding job. Between the two of them their creativity surpasses any expectations I could have had. My birthday was a blast and loved all of the gifts and the fun times shared.

Several of my friends back home asked why would allow to be called Jenn2? (See they think it sounds like someone is pooping…Ya know like #2 lol. I didn’t say we were the brightest bunch back home) to me though I think it is honor to be called Jenn2. Jenn1 is one of the most caring, giving an overall good hearted people I have ever met.

She is a wallflower but look out when Momma is in full bloom! We love and her and wouldn’t change a thing about her.

Thanks again Jenn and Cristina you guys are the best and I love you both!

Kiss Kiss Hug Hug

Jenn2 