Thursday, May 04, 2006

Past Project Thursday

Share a Past Project, huh? Well, it's a good month for it, as I am mondo busy. The only problem is that P.B.*, I was a) horrible about documenting things I made, and b) most of the stuff I made was for gifts, so I can't take a picture of it. I could ask the recipient to take a pic, but that would bring up the whole awkwardness of whether or not they still have the things I made for them...

Supporting documentation for this statement: I have been tempted to buy a photo album at Goodwill to show you all the dark side of giving handmade stuff to people you love. It was obviously homemade, bound by some crafty gal, maybe for her friend's wedding? The paper was decent (something was just a tad off with the colors, or else I probably would have bought it anyway, not just to use as blog fodder), and it had a nice modern shape and appearance, and even had a vintage brooch-looking thing embedded in one corner. The craftster's name was stamped in the back (like any one of us would do with something we handcrafted as a gift), but there it sits at the thrift store. It's been there for weeks. Nobody wants it. Is that the fate of all the stuff I put my sweat, tears, and yes, sometimes blood (I am the klutziest embroiderer of all time) into making? Do people feign enjoyment over my gifts, just to send them off to Goodwill when they get home? Will people understand someday when they see my finger mitts at the thrift store (assuming they even make it that far, and don't end up in the trash) what it was all about?

I'm being dramatic here - I do try really hard to make appropriate gifts for the recipient, but if by chance they don't have a use for them, I totally understand the need to purge those things that are not serving you any purpose. Without guilt. I still had fun making the gifts, and that's what's important.

Anyway, so back to the past craft. Here is my first beading project

It was inspired by the beautiful necklaces from Pashupatina. I haven't beaded anything since.



Handmade Girl said...

I like your necklace! I've wondered too, about my homemade presents ending up at the thrift store. However, my mom has some sachets that I made her when I was 10, she still keeps them in her drawers even though ALL smell is gone now.

Rebecca said...

I like the necklace, too! I often wonder what happens to myn handmade things . . . I recently found the first knit scarf I made my boyfriend wadded up in a ball in the yard! And he said he lost it . . . . ;)

telfair said...

It's a sad fate for handmade gifts, sometimes. Some of the things I've made I've sent to Goodwill myself, thus cutting out the middle man.
However, after seeing the things that YOU make, I cannot believe for a second that they would experience the same callous treatment -- you're incredibly talented!
I like the necklace, as well!

Barb said...

I am so happy you joined in this. I'll post it to the list from now on. I am very careful about who I give to now. Unless you also craft or are an artist, the time and expense may not be understood. My quilting teacher had a story today where an artist she knows made a basket for a friend. We're talking art basket...skilled labor...very exceptional. The lady later dropped by to see it with a $2 label at the friend's garage sale. She bought it back. My God. So I still give, but less so than before. Handmade items in thrift stores are right up there with photographs for me...something about these being left behind just seems wrong. I think this is one of the reasons I never pursued art as a career--accepting criticism is not one of my strong points.

Megan said...

Beading has always intimidated me somehow. That's a cute one.

my house is cuter than yours said...

that is a very lovely necklace!

Gina said...

Wow, that looks great!

Anonymous said...

It's best to be original.
Develop your own ideas.
An artist's process is a long journey, you can't just hitch a ride mid-way and expect the same results.

Jennifer said...

Hey Anon - I appreciate your comment. Of course, I said inspired by - not direct copy of. I think you will find that there are not any necklaces on the Pashupatina site that look like this (of course, hers are like a 110 times better) It would be the same as saying I was inspired to make a felt doll because I saw one of any number of artists/crafters that have made one. Again, mine would not be a direct copy - their creation just sparked some idea to try something similar.

I hope someday, something I create and share here inspires somebody to try something new as well. In the meantime, I'm happy to hang with the blog buddies I've met up till now - I'm not seeking any type of celebrity status that I would concern myself with "hitching a ride" with anybody.

Maybe next time you stop by you can introduce yourself!