Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May Coloriffic Swap ~ Sent

Here's what I sent my partner for the May Coloriffic Swap-O-Rama (the theme colors were orange and yellow, in case you can't tell ;)

Getting packed to send out

Handmade items included a pouch with clear vinyl for packing her yellow polka dot bikini in her suitcase (I never know what to do with mine - even when it's dry, it seems wrong just to have it thrown in with everything else), an altered photo album (by that I mean it was a dollar store cheapy dressed up in fine papers), and some painted knitting needles

Close-up of the swimsuit bag

Close-up of the knitting needles

(Paint pens are my new best sniff sniff ahhhh friend. The face beads came pre-painted - I added the yarn hair)

My partner has wanted to learn how to knit. So, although I myself am not skilled enough to write out the know-how to get down and knitty, I at least sent her a pattern for a hat with the abbreviations all written out to make it a little easier once she gets the hang of it

(I can show her name 'cause she's already received her package! And no worries about the Japanese cute - she loved everything!)

One last thing - the little folded up yellow thing in the lower right-hand corner of the top picture? I have no clue what it is or what you could use it for (earrings? beads?), but here it is hanging up

It was just one of those lovely things you find and have to share with somebody else.

P.S. Jek, if you're reading this, I so do love the Coloriffic swap! I would be thrilled (though very intimidated - you have the most amazing style!) to do a side swap with you some time!

P.P.S. I'll be away from the computer for about a week, but looking forward to catching up with everyone soon!


Handmade Girl said...

Wow! I need to get on board with this color swap thing! Your package is too beautiful.

Pink Rocket said...

wow! you always give the cutest thing!! i was wonderin' what that yellow hangy holder thing was for? to organize condoms??

Gina said...

Drool, drool, yellow and orange have never looked so good.

telfair said...

Your swap partners are the luckiest ever. This is so beautiful, it's like a gift just to look at it.

hannah said...

so good...

elizabeth said...!!! how lucky is the girl who gets this pkg.

lera said...

love the swimsuit bag. what a cute idea!

Rebecca said...

Great stuff! I want to be your swap partner! I just love that swim suit bag, what a great idea!

two rabbits said...

oh my god! that is an amazing package!!!

Megan said...

Your partner is a very lucky woman.

Gemma said...

I am loving that bikini purse thingimy. Truly fab!

jek said...

aw shucks! i just finally got to reading yer blog. i got behind and it has taken me FOREVER to catch up and would LURVE to do a side swap with ya! i've been thinkinng of a "son of swaporama" group so stay tuned for that also...and for a mini swap with you, sometime after june 15? :)

(finals and over swapping, i'n broke!)