Wednesday, May 17, 2006

May Coloriffic Swap ~ Received!

One of the best parts about coming home from a trip is the bundle of mail that is left on your doorstep. Even if it is 50% junk mail and 49% bills, going through your stopped mail beats the even less pleasant chores facing you after coming home from a trip, namely unpacking, tackling the mountain of laundry you bought home, and seeking out the hidden piles of barf that your BIL did not notice whilst he was checking in on the cats (actually none this time - the Destructive Duo must have been on vacation, too!)

Usually I can expect one or two treasures in the mail bundle to make it worth the effort - a magazine, catalogs, thank you cards, an invitation or two. But, this post-vacation bundle has all previous ones beat! I received my May Coloriffic Swap-O-Rama package!

Here's the entire haul

and a couple detail shots

Now, I'd like to say this is just a great package - but it is more than that - it is the package. It's the one I saw posted for May and said wow, I really really really hope that is coming to me!! Everything is just so perfect - knitting needles with smiling faces, bowling change purse, an apple paper punch, dress up doll stickers - it's like my swap partner went shopping with me and bought all the things I looked at but couldn't convince myself to splurge on for little 'ol me.

So, JMC, thanks a million, and you're a-ok by me!


elizabeth said...

*love* the goodies! lucky girl! also love that last photo with the thumbs up....bwahahahaha!

jinky marvels said...

hey, just got the note!! glad you loved it, i had a blast putting it together.

one of my personal faves of the bunch was the ouch pal and those yummy teas (secretly stashed in the bowling change purse), they are my favourite, and how sweet that you had your eye on it from the getgo...



Pink Rocket said...

wowzers!!! yes i said wowzers!! awesome swap gifties!!

Miss Bliss said...

How Do I join????? What fantastic goodies!

Anonymous said...

hey there,
could you kindly post the pics of your received package on the coloriffic swap page?