Monday, May 08, 2006

The Magic of Tiki ~ Tiki Oasis VI

This past weekend, BT and I attended Tiki Oasis VI in San Diego. It was a blast! I finally had to ask what we call ourselves, though. I mean if you ride a Harley, you're a biker, and your say you're going to a rally. So, I guess the official answer is that we're "tikiphiles," and we go hang out and drink Mai Tais. Other themes that have been brought into the Tiki culture include fez hats, pin-up girls, a little bit of Rockabilly, burlesque, and just general "swank."

Here are a few pics from this weekend. Maybe it will help us all understand what the heck it's all about.

The event was held at the Hanalei Hotel in San Diego

As a San Diego native, I remember what the place looked like before it was modernized, as so many Polynesian-themed buildings have been (or razed, sadly). But it is still nice, and has a great little atrium with lots of carvings. And in the lobby next the restrooms and the Pupu Bar, you can find the leaky tiki

Friday night, we were shuttled over to the Bali Hai Restaurant for dining and - you guessed it - lotsa Mai Tais. Entertainment included several bands, including Ape, who I am now totally in love with. The lead singer carves a tiki while they are playing! Here's a glimpse of "Crazy Al" in action

and his finished tiki

Speaking of apes, I'm pretty sure only a burlesque dancer could make a gorilla costume sexy

(Miss Vivienne VaVoom)

While BT was busy oogling the dancers, I was busy sidling up to all the artist types

(me and Shag - I really was going to show you my face finally, but I looked like a witch on a stick in this picture. Note to self - do not ride on the top level of a double-decker bus on the freeway whilst drinking Mai Tais ever again - especially if one plans on talking to Shag)

(me and Derek)

I've always loved me some artists - guess that's why I married one!

Saturday there was a fun bazaar with lots of tikis and artwork

Saturday night...well...there was more fun entertainment scheduled, and even a tiki magician! After the scheduled entertainment, there was a "room crawl," where you just go around to people's rooms and share each other's company (and a few Mai Tais). This picture may explain why I missed the magician, the movie, and the room crawl

(me and King Kukulele and my two coconuts)

I was so bummed! I was out by 9:00. BT, gentleman that he is, just stayed with me. So, we both missed out on the fun... Well, luckily there are a few more tiki events this year, and of course Tiki Oasis VII to look forward to, right?

If you are interested in putting a little tiki in your life, here are a few good online resources to start with:

Tiki News

Tiki Central

Tiki Farm

Trader Vic's Mai Tai


Alicia P. said...

It really doesn't look like it gets any more fun than that!

Anonymous said...

Ditto, Alicia. Sorry I missed out on the fun. I was in San Diego early last month. I'll have to check out the sites to see what's coming up.

Pink Rocket said...

tiki heaven!!! wow!!!!

Barb said...

Gack! I am sooo jealous. I love all things Tiki. All these cool things are going on when I have absolutely no cash. I saw that in the paper, and it's just one of several awesome events around here lately. You were in my backyard! Love the shirt Derek is wearing.

my house is cuter than yours said...

on my side of the country we have theHukilau. I went the first year...saw that idiot King Kukuele and wanted to kill him...don't get me started. However i will say that the picture of you with him appears to be nice, your hair looks cute but that makeup!
and soo jealous you got to meet Shag!

I bet you and BT were in polynesian paradise heaven at the Tiki Oasis!

telfair said...

Man!! You totally faked me out...I kept scrolling down for the next picture, hoping you'd reveal your True Identity underneath the Felt Mouse superhero alter-ego!
Seriously, it looks like a really fun time and the pictures were great -- your outfits were super cute.