Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Good and the Bad

**Caution: Spoiler for Megan contained below. You have been warned.**

My apologies go first to Megan that this took so darn long to get this out! I always think it's just like a week or so after I posted the quizzical results that I send my Happy Packs out, but then I look and it's usually more like 2 weeks. Luckily, my winners are always so nice, and patient.

This time, my best excuse is that my sewing machine went kaputski on me. Apparently it reached its maximum project capacity, and the entire housing for the needle broke (this seemed to be a solid piece of metal, mind you) into 5 different irreparable pieces. Not worth getting too emotional over - It was the most basic sewing machine you could buy. After having what most people would call a "good" sewing machine back in middle school that was a total piece of crap, I fooled myself into thinking the equipment was not as important as skill. I struggled sometimes with my little Bro, but all in all, he did ok for me. Here's a dramatic shot of him in his prime (it's odd sometimes to see what my husband does after I go to bed)

(Brother XL 5130: 2002-2006. Thanks for the memories)

Even with two sewing machines under my belt, I still wasn't willing to make the plunge and get a Cadillac among sewing machines. Sewing is one of many hobbies for me, and I don't have any intentions of making any money off of it, so I couldn't justify spending that much money. Oddly enough, I ended up with the same brand as my crap machine from 15 years ago. I did some research, and found out the company went through a bad spell from the mid-80s (when my parents bought my original machine) to about 5 years ago, but has renewed its commitment to make quality machines like it did in the good old days. We shall see....Oh, you're waiting for a make and model number? I'm gonna let you wonder if my Kmart jeans are really Guess? jeans after all, or vice versa (sorry, bad analogy - just got thinking about middle school there for a minute).

I admit I was wrong about it not mattering what machine you used. The new one is so quiet, and does all sorts of nifty things for you. Most importantly, the feed dogs actually pulls the fabric forward rather than down into the bobbin compartment - how novel! I think I'm in love...

Anyway, now that I blabbed on a bit so Megan would have the opportunity to turn away if she didn't want to see pictures of her little Happy Pack, here it is. You recall the question had to do with me being an only child, so the Happy Pack highlights the good and bad about growing up solo.

The Good

- Didn't have to share the bathroom with anyone getting ready in the morning (bobby pins)
- New clothes - no hand-me-downs (socks)
- Nobody to steal my secret candy stash (jawbusters - that isn't true, 'cause my Dad did find and devour my candy)
- Plenty of alone time to explore my creative side (handmade zippered pouch - lined with the bobby pin fabric everything is sitting on)

The Bad

- Nobody else to blame if something was broken (super glue)
- Everybody assumes you were spoiled (ME magnet Princess Quite-A-Lot)
- Nobody to play games with in the backseat during long car trips (cards)
- It's kind of embarrassing to look back at photo albums that are filled page after page with pictures of you (photo album)

Enjoy, Megan!

*For those of you in the know, Friday, Friday is the day. I added a couple extra days because of the whole sewing machine incident.


Megan said...

I didn't peek, honest.

Emy said...

So as an only child, do you still wish you had siblings? I just need some opinions before condemning my son to a life of being the only child. :D As a parent, its hard to imagine a child better than Cale, so maybe that's how your parents felt about you. Or maybe they just didn't feel greedy. :D

Sometimes I wish I had a new sewing machine that does lots of cool stuff. Ooh and I saw that cute little Kenmore that comes in all of those pretty colors so I want one of those as well. Mine right now works fine though. I thought it was broken a few weeks ago. It was just the needle though.

telfair said...

That's a great dramatic solo shot of the sewing's like it's alone on stage delivering a monologue, or something.

Actually, I'm thinking about buying a sewing machine (it seems like a solid step in the whole commitment of "learning how to sew") and I wouldn't mind hearing some recommendations from you & your readers who are undoubtedly experienced in the field...something good for a beginner?

Jennifer said...

Emy ~ I don't know. I didn't really want siblings much growing up. I had enough friends, and they even got to come on trips with us and vice versa. I think about it more now, and worry about being "alone" in the world after my parents pass away (I know, terrible thought, but I'm just being honest). Let's just say that I will not have only one child, even if we have to adopt. But, you're right about the reasons my parents didn't have any more.

Telfair ~ I hope that you do buy a sewing machine! It's a really good "appliance" to have. I'm still a firm believer that the machines you are able to buy at big box stores (usually Brother or Singer) are just fine for beginners/people that don't do anything too complicated. Here's a good site with reviews of a lot of different machines

Here's the Mini Ultra Emy referred to