Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Blogiversary, of sorts

I guess today is my two-year blog anniversary! It's hard to believe it's been that long. Namely because BT set the thing up for me, and then I basically ignored it until this past October (which is when I would consider my official blogiversary - when I actually started posting on a regular basis).

When I started out, I intended to use the blog like a journal, and improve my writing skills. It was not specific to crafts. Not that it always is now, but I would say that is my main focus. I thought my only two readers would be my Mom and BT, and didn't explore the blogosphere much further than that. I didn't look at anyone else's blog, except BT's (now defunct). I remember my Mom bugging me that I hadn't posted in a long time, and I was like, oh I'm done with that whole blog thing.

When I came back from a trip to Austin this past summer, I did a search online to find out what wonderful craft stores I missed by not doing my research ahead of time. That's when I ran into Kim's blog, Dioramarama - and I received a crash course in craft blogs.

She unknowingly introduced me to the wonderful sphere of crafty women that expands day by day. I was so excited! There were people like me out there after all, all over the world even! Well, leaps and bounds better than me skill-wise, but having the same interests. Through Kim I also found out about Tie One On. Once I entered that, I cleaned up my blog a little by taking out some posts I thought would be embarrassing for somebody to read back on (my first, obligatory hey world entry, some craft posts that would sound lame to people that actually do the crafts regularly, and a really great entry about being DINKs - I'm not sure why I got rid of that one, 'cause it was pretty well-written, imho). I wish I hadn't gotten rid of those. Some advice from a two-year veteran (*cough*) to the newbies: Don't edit yourself too much - people like to see you're a real person. And figure out how to back this thing up - your grandkids will appreciate it.

I've metamorphosed over the *years*, but I think I've found my stride. So how about you? What blog did you read first that really got you interested in the craft blogging community?

Oh, and thanks, Kim!


telfair said...

Wow -- Happy Blogiversary!

I don't know anyone who's been blogging for two years -- you're a true pioneer!

You were one of the first blogs I found when I started blogging and of course I must remind you that although I am not really "crafty," you did get me started knitting, which I'm now obsessed with / addicted to / fully ensconced with. So I say thank YOU for your continued excellence in the blogging world and for sharing your thoughts, observations, and of course your cool, clever projects that serve as an inspiration to people like me!

Pink Rocket said...

wow! 2 years!! whoo hoo! happy blogiversary!

i can't remember how i found you! maybe it was via tie one on! all i know is that i'm always in awe of what you create! happy to have you as a blog friend!

Handmade Girl said...

Happy Blogiversary!
I first stumbled upon Loobylu (don't remember how) and found Wee Wonderfuls from there, and I've been hooked on craft blogs ever since.

Emy said...

Happy Blogiversary!!
I can't remember where I found you, but you were among the first. I keep telling myself that 50 feeds on bloglines is too many, but I can't choose who to get rid of. And I keep finding more. I love the inspiration so much. And feeling like I have many friends. :D I keep thinking about the last apron you made and how lovely it would be as a skirt.

Gina said...

Happy Blogiversary! We are all so glad you are here for us!

janelle said...

Happy Blog-i-versary! YEAH!
That is a hard one. . . I think I have been reading bigger blogs like notmartha for a few years, then apartmenttherapy, then dooce. Around then I decided to start a blog myself, and only months after that did I discover the whole world of crafty blogs! There are so many that leave me in the dust! I had no idea, like you said that there were more people like me!
Have a good bloggy blog day, and thanks for sharing things!

hannah said...

happy blogiversary!! for me it was hillary over at wee wonderfuls that did it. i spent forever oohing and awhing over her creations and got inspired. i had never even owned a sewing machine before finding her blog, and now im rockin it! talk about a change. well said about censoring, its true. my favorite posts are almost always about the author instead of just craft, craft craft.

Megan said...

Happy Blogversary!

I got on to craft blogs through Wee Wonderfuls. Found it through a search for quilts or something. I was amazed at all these talented, clever, often very witty, women who loved craft as much I did. Somehow that legitimised it for me. And I am so glad I entered this community, it is nothing but fun, helpful and always, always encouraging.

Viva la craft blog!