Friday, April 14, 2006


Easter bunny doughnuts for the co-workers

I drove way out of my way to get these this morning, but they were worth it (even if the recipients weren't necessarily worthy...)

Speaking of co-workers, and since I had the camera at work, I also took a picture of The Poison Line...

A little background - I, like many other office-types, work in a cubicle. It's a decent size (some people, I guess, measure their worth based on the size of their cube), but its downside is that it does not have any type of partition between it and the person that sits next to me. The two workspaces essentially form one large cubicle that we share. Whoever came up with the concept that opening up cubicle space will make workers more productive and encourage interaction with each other should be made to stand naked in Times Square or some other busy hub of human activity. S/he can report back on how much more productive and interactive s/he was while being exposed to the world. I mean, even if you are doing work-related stuff the whole time you are in your cube (which I do - always - yeah right) you still deserve a tad bit of privacy to make your business-related phone calls, or at least make it so co-workers do not think they can just blurt something out to you at any time and interrupt what you are doing.

Basically, I have been spoiled up to now in terms of sharing my cubicle space. The person that previously occupied the other half of the workspace is a good friend of mine. She worked in the field a lot or telecommuted, and I actually wished she had been ITO (in the office) more often. Now that she's left this office for greener pastures, the space has been taken by a man who is, quite possibly, my Lex Luther. I have honestly never met someone that I have so adamantly despised. Admittedly, I am not the most outgoing person in the world, and am a little choosy about who I consider "friends," but in general I am pretty neutral towards most people I meet (not overly friendly or mean, just cordial). There has been no hesitation since day one - I do not like this guy.

Pocketman (my nickname for him, in part keeping with the super hero theme. I won't tell you the complete origins of the name so you don't write me off as a total b*tch - I can be quite nasty when I choose to be) is just too much. I know my blood pressure has risen since he started working here. In part I don't want to bore you with the sordid details that translate to why I dislike him so much, but on the other hand, if I don't give you something to chew on, you'll just think I am just a big whiney baby. Let's just say that today was supposed to be his off day, and he showed up anyway just 'cause. No big projects or looming deadlines, he just wanted to come in. Keep in mind most folks in our office took the day off to prepare for Easter weekend (I'd be one of them, except I'm getting a little thin on my time off accrual) - the place is a ghost town except for me an Pocketman in our large cubicle. In general he's one of those types that likes to be in before everyone else gets here, and leave after everyone else (sometimes after 7:00 p.m., he's bragged the next day), checks and replies to emails late at night from home, and all the while you wonder what is he actually working on? I have the same job, and have never found those steps necessary to get things done well in advance of any deadline.

So, I got to spend today answering random questions like "Do you like the rain?" (is there a proper answer to that question?), various computer-related questions that I believe were supposed to be prereqs for getting this job in the first place, and nodding briefly, without turning towards him, of course, when he spouted off about various statements about how interesting the project he is working on is (who the frack cares?)

You would think some people would get the hint. Which is why I truly think of him as my nemesis - I think he is pushing my buttons on purpose! After the arctic cold shoulder I have given him, I would not think he would continue talking to me. But, he keeps at it...

Here is a pic ofThe Poison Line

The plant on the right has been here forever (since my friend is gone, I would refer to it as "my" plant). The P-Man brought in the plant on the left that has little snakey vine things. One day he intertwined the vine with my plant. Since then, it has been creeping towards the window, but in doing so crosses over into what would be considered my part of the cubicle. Once it does, it dies

The vine must grow from the base (not the tip), so it keeps getting longer, and as soon as it crosses that magic line of that desk, it dies some more. I feel bad for the plant - really, I do. But it is just so interesting to me that the plant senses that I do not want any part of it or its owner invading my space. I'm sure if Pocketman has a blog, he has most likely already discussed his toxic cubicle-mate and The Poison Line. Let me know if you run across an entry like that.

Sorry for boring you with all that - I guess I needed to vent. The doughnuts were cute, though, right?


Pink Rocket said...

oh doughnuts! they look SOOO yummy! must refrain from making doughnuts...must. resist.

maybe your answer to all this is a simple folding screen? you can block him from your view and he can use the other side to stick papers on or something.

Pink Rocket said...

i like your new header!!! purty!

telfair said...

I can completely understand the frustration and aggravation that comes along with sharing a cube with someone you cordially detest. I will offer up a "cubicle prayer" on your behalf, to the patron saint of cubicles.

I currently share a cubicle with my wanker boss, and there are days when the thought of sticking a pen in my eye seems like a blessed relief compared to the thought of sharing space with him for another eight hours.

my house is cuter than yours said...

i have one word for you ...SABATOGE! yes, i think it's the answer to getting rid of the need to find out what his kryptonite (did i spell that right?) is and spike his coffee with it! Hell! Spike the plant too!