Thursday, April 06, 2006

Peep, Peep, and, ah...Peep

Meet Peep, Peep, and Peep

My Dad gave three little color-dyed baby chicks to my Mom for Easter in 1970 while they were dating. Their names were Peep, Peep, and Peep. Even though they were different colors at the start, someone may have known that someday they would all look the same. Or, maybe my Mom thought it would be appropriate that they all had the same name. After all, the three of them kept saying the same thing over and over "peep...peep...peep"

Here's a pic of my pretty mama with her baby chicks

My parents lived in the Midwest, but in the city - a fair distance from the farming community. My Dad bought the chicks at a local feedstore, and they grew up in my grandparents' basement until they became a real nuisance. At that point, they were moved to someone's farm where they continued their happy chicken life until, uh, well, you know.

(Besides pondering the fate of PP&P, you are probably also wondering whatever happened to that dress? or that wallpaper?)

In sending me these pictures, my Dad asked that I mention that buying baby animals for Easter is usually a bad idea -- little chicks grow up into big chickens that probably aren't really supposed to live in the city (though it did score him big points with his girlfriend). He also wanted me to assure you that though it sounds cruel to keep chickens in the basement, they were pampered chicken pets.
They came outside, of course, and could often be seen puttering after my Grandma while she was gardening. She claimed not to like them, but after they were gone immortalized them with a plastic yard stake family of chickens (which are also gone - darnit! - I think some punk kids stole them or something). Alas, these were the only Peeps I ever knew...

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telfair said...

What a great Easter story!! And I LOVED the pictures!
Your mom is so beautiful -- I wish I could steal her hairstyle.

I'm so happy that the 3 Peeps (it sounds like a boy band) went on to a very long and happy life in the country.

Craft & Bake said...

So cute! I made Chick Cookies just yesterday and posted pics on my Blog, though they aren't near as cute as the real thing. :) What cute photos!

my house is cuter than yours said...

That's such a cute idea your dad had to get them for your mom...i kinda see it as romantic! i got little chicks for easter one year when i was little...i thought they were ducks...enough said.