Sunday, April 09, 2006

It Tastes Like Burning*

In the spirit of scrap crafts, I bring you two books from the early 1970s, one from the same line as Mary's Nylon Net Novelties: Egg Carton Magic and Egg Carton Ideas.

Here's a peek at the wonderful creations you could create with Styrofoam egg containers:

A lovely angel, flower display, and any number of creatures and treat cups/egg holders (I dig the hippie bunny)

a Christmas display that would have your friends rushing out to buy their own egg cartons en masse

a barnyard of critters

a scrappy stork, or an egg-quisite bejeweled jewelry box.

Unfortunately, I do not have any successful egg carton crafts to share with you. I had the right tools

and even broke down and bought Styrofoam egg cartons, one white and one pink, which I have not done in eons. I spent most of this afternoon "soldering" pieces of egg cartons together, and trying to pierce tiny perfect holes. Alas, this is a craft best left to the egg-perts**. I am too embarrassed
to even show you my failed pieces. I couldn't even make a treat cup - it was that bad. This crafty gal did not feel the magic of egg carton craft.

I can tell you that burning plastic egg cartons is best done in a well-ventilated room - or, if you want my advice, not at all. Even with all the windows open, I am afraid I have shaved a few years off my life. There is a lingering taste in the back of my throat, and I have a bit of a headache. Polystyrene no longer contains CFCs, which are bad for the environment, but styrene vapors are still toxic to us. If you are really interested in trying these crafts, I can send you the directions, but imho, these are scrap crafts that are past their prime.

* Please tell me you know where this quote is from!

** Description of the author of Egg Carton Magic, Amy Theisen: "Amy is the mother of ten energetic youngsters and yet she finds time to have fun with creative crafts. She's an artistic craftsgirl who can see something in everything - and the ideas in this book prove it!"

(Mrs. Theisen - I hope you and you 10 children are living a long and happy life, and did not contract any illnesses associated with your unique scrap craft)


telfair said...

I believe the quote you reference is from the Simpsons.

It's sad that I know this, but some degree of osmosis is inevitable, no matter how unwilling the victim, considering the hours and hours my otherwise sane and loveable husband can spend glued to the TV, when Homer & his clan are on. I've tried stuffing cotton balls, newspaper, socks, in my ears...nothing blocks it out.

Anyway, I'm sorry your egg-streme crafting didn't work out...and wow, who knew that egg cartons could be so hazardous to one's health? I hope you have no lasting ill effects.

Your note to the author & her family was hysterical!

chanadaal said...

Yes, definitely a Ralph Wiggum quote but I don't remember which episode.

I remember making egg carton crafts when I was a kid but these ones are extra fancy! - those barnyard critters are surprisingly cute considering the materials used :-)

my house is cuter than yours said...

i love that ralph other favorite is "my cat's breath smells like cat food" Ha Ha (ala Nelson)!

That title 'Egg Carton Magic' just classic!

i think the only way mrs. theisen made it through the day was by huffing syrofoam egg carton fumes!

Anonymous said...

hello real nice your work i would like to know if you could send me the pattern with instruction how too make the pink tree that is on the cover of yhe book egg magic thank you