Wednesday, April 19, 2006

In progress...

Working on something nifty to show you, hopefully tomorrow. But wanted to post somethin' so you wouldn't forget about me. On my Google home page, I subscribe to the Ehow "how to" of the day. Today's tip was on how to create stereo photographs (very cool - you should check it out if you're looking for a new photo craft). This led to some other great links I'll get to in a sec, but first I wanted to share some of my "best pics."

These were all taken in Bodie, California in 2003. They were taken with the same crappy camera I always complain about (user error at times, perhaps?) Granted, the subject matter is remarkable no matter what camera you are using, but I'm purdy proud of my composition and the like.

They probably wouldn't pass muster here, but they look ok to my untrained eye.

I set it as a priority this year to learn more about photography. So far I haven't done anything to accomplish that goal. But, I skimmed through a few articles tonight:

How to Create Those Amazing Blurred Background Photo Portraits ('cause, you know - you never know when you might happen upon a squirrel that would sit still long enough for you to do all the shiz described in the article)

How to Take Professional Looking Pictures Without a Professional

and kind of along the same lines - constructing a Super Simple Light Tent

Maybe you'll notice something different about the quality of my pics, once I have a chance to actually read the articles, oh and yeah - put them to use.

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Gina said...

It's better than my camera, those photos are amazing, like you would see in a magazine. They have such character, they feel like the objects in the photos, lived in, relaxed, a little bit dusty and old west. Your angles are great too, they really add to the mood. The one with the object in the middle of the scene, really exudes the solitude of the place. You really know your stuff. That little wire gate on the bottom of the door is very interesting, wonder why it's there.