Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hot Mitt Monthly for April ~ Finger Mitts

April's theme was to make finger mitts

Here they are in use

Here's the pattern, and Liz's fun monthly potholder challenge.

Come on - these are quick, and I know you can do better (mine are totally wonky)! Why don't you make your own finger mitts this month and join in the fun?

I know you think I forgot the potholder for March, but I didn't forget - I have an excuse. More later, and hopefully my finished embroidered potholder.

Sorry for being so brief, but I am in boot camp - more on that later, too.


ramona said...

wow. those are cool. yeah. i think i should make such, too. funny idea :-))

Gina said...

Oh, those are so cute, I really like the fabric choice.
They bring a smile!

Pink Rocket said...

how cute!!

wha? what?? boot camp???

Liz said...

These are so sweet!

my house is cuter than yours said...

how adorable!!!

Mary said...

These are so cute. I tried to go to the pattern but couldn't find it?? Can you help? Is it still available?


Jennifer said...

Here is the new link:

Mary said...

Thank you so much. You obviously made them much smaller. Yours are cuter. I want to make for my sister for xmas, but little ones so when she has people for dinner they use them to hold their hot dinner plate while serving their food!
Thanks again!
Luv Mary (from South Africa)