Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Boot Camp

What is Boot Camp, you may ask? To BT and me, it is taking Draconian measures to lose weight and get in shape - for most it would just be considered normal living. You know, eating healthy food, portion control, not eating fast food every day or getting your "lunch" out of a vending machine, and working out. Well, the last part may we may go a little above and beyond, as we try to spend 2 hours at the gym every night of the week.

Boot Camp is implemented at our house when BT and I procrastinate about getting on track with eating and exercising, and then are faced with an event that we want to look our best for taking place in a few weeks. This may sound very odd to you that lead a healthy lifestyle normally - that one can put off doing the right thing most of the time, and then try to cram a good lifestyle into a couple of weeks. I assure you that we do not do any weird diets (though BT hovers on the Atkins side of things, which I am not really on board with), and the time at the gym is spent using machines for one hour and then cardio at a moderate pace for 45 minutes to an hour - we're not setting the treadmill at the highest setting and running our hearts out.

As much as we moan and groan about Boot Camp, we are always pleased with the results. We both drop about 10 pounds (BT can drop more than that), and obviously feel a whole heck of a lot better about ourselves. Which would make you wonder why we can't just do this all of the time. I mean, we want to, don't get us wrong, but it's just so time consuming. It makes it so every moment of the day outside of work is planned out, for me especially. Basically I get home, cook dinner, clean up from dinner and do my chores, have about an hour for crafts/blog/etc., then it's off to the gym, come home and fall into bed. If I get behind with any part of this, it gets very stressful. I can't go shopping after work or that puts me off track as well. I mean, I know it is all self-induced and not like anyone is forcing me to do any of this, but it is our goal, and I'm trying my best to uphold it during Boot Camp at least.

Having said that, BT says my project tonight is in direct opposition to that goal. I made Amy's banana bread from the Mailorder Club

The reason I liked the recipe and thought it would be ok to make during Boot Camp is because it does not use any sugar - only honey. BT says that still counts as sugar, and won't eat any of it. Well, one loaf will be a nice snack for me and the co-workers tomorrow.

I'm gifting the other loaf to our new neighbor. I guess it was a toss up between the sorority girls and a nice middle-aged woman with 2 cats, and the management company went with the single woman. Though BT is bemoaning this fact, I am quite satisfied (insert Cheshire Cat grin...)


BT said...

...damn you, it was delicious!

telfair said...

I wondered how you guys managed to stay so svelte, in spite of the fact that you consistently showcase baked goods that make me want to weep (cupcakes especially.) Now I have the answer -- boot camp!

Good luck with reaching your goals!

Emy said...

Good luck with your boot camp.

Thanks for the comments. Cale loves his robot. Even the pictures of it online make him squeal with joy.

I meant to mention that Serge-io had a huge part in my apron making. I have more plans for him. I sent my apron pictures to Amy at Tie One On thinking they were late. Now I feel silly because its still April. I thought it was May 1. oops.