Monday, April 17, 2006

BBGE Sends a Bride-to-Be Off in Style

My book group's last single gal is getting married! Since she already had an established household, we decided to throw her a sexy lingerie shower - oh la la!

Here's the favors I made for the shower this past Friday (the secret project I alluded to)

I used purchased wire dress form frames, and sewed (it really turned out to be easiest) little halter dresses for them, complete with (albeit) crooked darts.

A pic of the set table, with cute plates, candles, and feather confetti.

The best thing about planning our little parties is that even though we all purchase items individually, everything always goes together perfectly - every time. BBGE rules!

The presents were all color-coordinated with our pink and black theme

Here's mine (and no - that is not a cat toy)

True to form, I forgot to change the reso on my camera, so the action pics came out super blurry. Arty, but not bloggable.
Luckily there was a back-up low-tech camera at the party, too. I guess probably my BBGE friends would most likely not want their pictures on my blog anyway. Particularly those taken during one game that involved a carrot, a men's tie, and a glass bottle. If these hadn't been my close friends, I would have been mortified.

Our special gift to the bride-to-be was a compilation recipe book - Secrets of the BBGE. The book itself was assembled by one member, and the cover was a collage of all the books we have read to date - very cute (that I do regret not having a picture of right now). Everyone contributed recipes and a little note to the bride. Here are my recipes before being added to the book

Since I hadn't brought that many memorable dishes to our actual meetings, I had to use some favorites from home. I did, however, correlate the names of the recipes to books we had read (for example, if you can't read it in the pic, a fondue recipe became The Epicurious Incident Inside the Fondue Pot, as we had read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon).

It was a fun shower. Did I mention that it was a surprise? Always the best kind of party - for somebody else, that is.

Our next book is Fingersmith by Sarah Waters if you'd like to read along.


heather said...

The party favors are fabulous! Where did you get the little dress forms?
I love the recipe book idea and it turned out beautifully.

chanadaal said...

Hee hee. "The Epicurious Incident Inside the Fondue Pot" - very nicely done :D

my house is cuter than yours said...

everything looks so awesome!

MARYBETH said...

I adore the dress forms. Will you post how you made them? I also like the recipe card book. Where did you find the cards? My niece is getting married June 2007 and I am in search of unique ideas. I bet your friend was overjoyed!

Gina said...

Wowie zowie, what style you have! The favors are so adorable, such thought and prettiness. How clever to sew on the little dresses. Love the black and pink, dots and little rhinestones. What a party!

telfair said...

I'm at a loss for words. Those dress forms are so chic, I can't even stand it.

And the clever recipe titles...

Have you ever considered leaving whatever your day job is and becoming an event planner? (if you're not one already.)

I'm serious...I've never met anyone with as much talent or creativity in these areas as you possess.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, all, for your nice comments!

Heather ~ I bought the dress forms on Ebay, but you can also find them at

Marybeth ~ I didn't really take any pictures in progress, and gave my own dress form away to my MIL but... essentially I cut a large hourglass shaped piece of black satin and used a little template to mark the location of the darts based on the dressform. I sewed the darts, and then the back seam. I tucked the top and bottom under so I wouldn't have to sew hems (there's only so much you can do before people start thinking you've lost it). I used a double layer of tulle, and did a big loopy hand stitch to gather it, and then used a glue gun to attach it to the dress. The overskirt is just cut out and fray check (my new best friend) was used on the edge so no hems required. This was hot glued over the tulle part. The belt buckle is actually a piece of cardstock cut in the shape of a buckle with the rhinestones glued on and the ribbon fed through slits in the center of the paper buckle. Add a homemade tag and...Voila!

The recipe cards I designed myself - all of the book group members had different ideas about how to present their recipes, from handwritten on notebook paper to scrapbook-inspired designs like mine. The gal that put the book together insisted that we do our own cards to give it a personal touch. I wish I had pictures of the book itself - it was something else.

Telfair ~ I have tried to convince my fellow BBGE members to give up their day jobs and start a party planning/catering business. I myself do have plans to make and sell homemade party supplies, once I can figure out how to control the cost and speed up the process somewhat.

I feel like a hack compared to the crafty women I read up on daily, so I appreciate your last sentence a lot. :)

Barb said...

Wow. Love the scattered pom-poms. All of it is lovely.