Friday, March 10, 2006

When the Tiki Gods Smiled

It is a big deal in the tiki world to find your tiki paraphernalia rather than buying it from mass-produced sources or off of Ebay in a lot. You should choose your tikis with care, and allow time for the right tiki to find you.

Well, the tiki gods were smiling upon me today! I have yet to find any tiki wares at the thrift store, until today

A wooden mug, a resin "Kona Coffee" mug, and an intricately painted plate. All three items cost less than $7. Thank you, Tiki God of Shopping!

I guess it's time to show you all the tiki bar - the giant hand-crafted monolith that now dominates what was our office. BT made the whole thing - even trimmed it with the seagrass matting and hand-fired bamboo posts.

The top is made from solid mahogany - and before you ask - the price of the top alone would make it impossible for him to make these for sale (no one would believe the material cost was that high before any labor costs were added in for the weeks he spent on this project). We purchased the carving on the front, but BT plans on carving his own to replace it (a project is never really complete for him - it always remains a work in progress).

Here's the inside

BT wired it for lights and a plug for a blender. The shelves are lined with a bamboo veneer. We're still working on getting more tiki-themed glassware. Our tiki mug collection is scattered around the room. The tikis are shy, or else I would gather them up to take a picture. And my #1 Tiki God says he's hungry for dinner, so gotta go!


Pink Rocket said...

OMG! your tiki thrifts, amazing!! the bar isfreakin' GORGEOUS!! big ol kudos to your hubby on that!

telfair said...

That is just beautiful...I can't believe that BOTH you and your hubby are so talented.

I can't wait to see what it looks like with BT's own carving in there.

my house is cuter than yours said...

yay for tiki goodies!!! you must have been one step in front of the antique/ebay folks to snatch those items up! I am soo glad to see BT's tiki bar, tell 'em i said it looks good enough to pay a cover charge! I'll have a mai tai please!

Matt said...

I think that those who helped with the project derserve a little credit. Especially those that split their hand open will splitting bamboo! Or those who got sunburned while laboring in the hot LBC sun!

Jennifer said...

You're right! BT could not have completed this project without the generous assistance of his brother Matt (sunburn victim), my Dad (the hand splitter - bamboo cut on a table saw essentially turns into a deadly projectile), and Curt and the gang, who provided emotional support to see this project through (looking forward more to the end use as a bar rather than risking heat stroke and possible limb amputation that, ironically, two non-drinkers faced to see this project through) Thanks again!!