Friday, March 24, 2006

Nicely Frocked Flocked Bunnies

Leaving the house this morning, I was surprised to happen on this group of well-frocked flocked bunnies frolicking in our yard (try saying that three times fast!)

I was surprised they chose our lawn, as it is hardly the best kept in the neighborhood (don't tell the happy bunnies that some people think of clover as a weed), but seeing them dressed in all their finery really made my day!


Scarpacci, T. B. said...

Really nice metaphors and sense of humor. Thanks.

ramona said...

and my day was made by your package!! thank you soo much for the lovely yellow spring surprise. what fun! such a joy.
hope you are having a nice spring over there..

tricia said...

Your bunnies are so cute!

Fern Lady said...

Hee hee--cute!