Monday, March 06, 2006

March Color-iffic Swap-O-Rama

My March Color-iffic Swap-o-rama package is finally ready to go! The concept behind this swap is that each month has a color theme (so far 1-2 colors per month). You put together a package of craft and fun items in that color scheme for your partner, including at least one item that you made.

My partner for March (color theme: green) was a guy - I hope you can tell that from most of the items below.

The craft items (fabric, buttons, etc.) are mainly centered around a certain type of softie that he makes, plus a couple of extras. There is also some candy, a notebook (thanks, Emy!), and a deck of playing cards. The rubber ducky is meant to be a toy for his dog.

I made three items, shown here

A stamped piece of twill tape with cliches that have the word green in them, a pair of cufflinks using green leaf buttons, and a pin cushion elf with shrinky dink pins. Here's a close-up of the pins

All packed up and ready to go

Now comes the challenging part - this is being sent to an eastern European country. I hope and pray that all of this stuff passes customs! The particulars regarding what cannot be sent to this country are not as well specified as they are with other countries. That's either a good thing or a bad thing. Also, the customs form only allows you to claim 5 items per form, and there are about 20 items here (they must be individually claimed on the form - not button by button, but you know, you can't just say "craft items" and that's it).

I've sent stuff to foreign countries in the past, but never so many items in one package.
I taped a picture of the contents on the bottom of the box in addition to filling out the customs forms. I just hope the whole thing doesn't get torn up, or can't be delivered - my swap partner will think I am a total flake. Well, it will be an experience! I can't wait to get my package as well.


Pink Rocket said...

you should have no problems with customs on any of those items, i send things simular to those to france all the time. plus i send all sorts of things to kuwait for the hubby and i just sent a bunch of craft goodies for my VVswap. the customs that people have trouble with is ours; and now cananda is starting to follow.

Emy said...

I live overseas and have to use customs forms all the time. I normally just group items like "clothes" or "toys". It works out fine. Mark it as a gift and not merchandise. If you really want to list everything seperately, I think it says to include a sheet of paper. Also it seems like I've read to mark "homemade" vs "handmade" because it makes it sound less like merchandise. Craftster has a ton of shipping tips in the swap section.

elizabeth said...

okay, that has seriously got to be the best color swap pkg. i have ever seen! wow!!!! wanna swap something with me? lmao.

oh, and i didn't forget your goodie that i need to send you for answering the karate kid question. i am going to work on that today (yeah, i know, i'm a total slacker :)

where did you get that twill tape that you stamped on? i have seen people stamping those and love how they turned out and would love to give it a go.

telfair said...

This is really amazing. I adore the elf...are those really shrinky-dinks?? My childhood memories of shrinky-dinks are that they never came out looking so good.

I think you found some very cool and thoughtful things that I'm sure he'll be utterly delighted with.

I'm so glad you're a blogger...I really enjoy your pretty pink space, over here. I just feel like I could browse through it for hours.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for all the advice re shipping, and the swap package contents! I've already started buying stuff for the April swap (purple and green), thinking it would be very improbable that I would get a guy again - but you never know...

Elizabeth ~ A tutorial for stamping on twill tape can be found here: I found the twill tape at Joann by the yard (the twill tape in the package, Wrights, is too shiny and thin). The tutorial suggests using a dye-based ink, which I found to be too light - not bold enough. So I used a brush pen, which took awhile to dry, but once it did seemed to stick ok. And sure, I'd love to do a swap with you! Color themed, or something else?

my house is cuter than yours said...

WOW!!! it all looks so pretty together!! I mean, handsome, right? ha ha! i think a guy would like all of these things! you did a great job, as you always do!