Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Japanese Crap Overload

OK - so really this post should be titled Japanese Cute Overload, but despite the cuteness of the items pictured below, they also represent more crap to add to my ever growing pile of stuff. I keep buying it, even if I don't always know what to do with it. And, I don't want to risk any copyright infringements with Meg.

But, who could resist! My tide-me-over Japanese zakka store, Ichiban, at our local mall was having a super sale - buy ten items for $4.99! This is my "tide-me-over" store until such time I am able to get to Little Tokyo to the 98 cent stores there, as Ichiban has some items priced as high as {gasp} $8.99. Most of the items below were part of the sale - a couple were regular price.

Here's what I got (sorry I don't really know many synonyms for "cute")

Cute wrapping paper. Can you see a little grey squidy on the paper on the right?

Cute writing paper and envelopes ("A button is missing..." "Have a good time..." "Seeing your smile always brings me joy...")

Little picks and papers for a cute lunch

Hedgehog purse (regular priced item - not "free" as the tag indicates)

A new coffee mug for work that captures my general emotion of how I feel when I am there (angst?), with wings on the back to whisk me away from it all

and some stuff for the May Coloriffic-Swap-O-Rama (color theme: orange and yellow) - a cell phone holder, Miffy bank, storage basket, tape with fruit pics on it, and two bag clips. I wonder if I cut out the pic of the little girl in the green kerchief to keep if my swap partner would notice? Or maybe I'll just have to go back and buy more crap before the sale ends!


Gina said...

Oh I wish I had those shops here! Score!

telfair said...

That hedgehog purse is too cute for words. All of it is, really, but I'm especially fond of hedgehogs.

lesliet said...

obviously you bought the product in or from japan, however miffy herself is dutch

Anonymous said...

Kawaii desu!

my house is cuter than yours said...

all i can say is CUTE!