Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Hope you had a good one, and didn't get pinched for not wearing yer green (I did in the shower this morning, but that shouldn't count!)

I took it pretty easy as far as holidays go - just made some clover-shaped cookies for co-workers and for a party tonight. Spritz cookies should be known as the Working Woman's Cookie - what other cookie can you make 12 dozen of in an hour?

On a related note, I am totally coveting a "cooky" press like this one, except the one I'm oogling at an antique store up the street has a red handle (matches the kitchen, of course). I want it 'cause it's red, but also 'cause it says cooky on the box. But, I can't replace the one I have, as it was a bridal shower gift from my Mom. It was accompanied by all our family's recipes for Spritz dough - there are variations, you know. Well, nothing wrong with having two cooky presses, I suppose. I could have Grandma's recipe in one, and Aunt Teda's in the other!

Since I linked to this item on Ebay, and I hate to use some random seller as an example, and it's not as bad as some I've seen, but has anyone else noticed that the shipping costs for stuff on Ebay has gone sky-high? I mean, this thing weighs like 6 ounces. Granted, ok, add a little bit for shipping materials, but it seems like people are taking advantage of the system a little bit, to try and cover their Ebay fees with inflated shipping costs. Ebay used to be pretty good about policing this, but I guess they have just given up. Well, I respond in the only way I can as a consumer and avoid those sellers at all cost!


tricia said...

I know what you mean about ebay shipping costs. I hardly buy anything there anymore because when you add in shipping it cost too much!
Now because I also sell on ebay, I can tell you I'm always shocked at what the posr office tells me it will cost to ship things. I always lost money on shipping when I tried to estimate. So there you have both sides of the coin:)

my house is cuter than yours said...

those cookies are too cute to eat!!!

and i have the same opinion as tricia does on ebay...I really think the final bid fee that ebay charges the seller is absolutely ridiclous, they should only charge the insertion fee.