Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I’ve been "unofficially" tagged to do my first meme! I’m so excited! I know everyone else has probably done this one already, but it means a lot to me to get tagged (even unofficially). So, here goes

4 jobs you’ve had
- selling flavored "gourmet" popcorn and gift tins – this was before they sold the giant drum-sized tins at Walmart and the like, and it was kind of a big deal for awhile. A small tin at the store I worked at (about half the size of the ones you see now at chain stores around Christmas) sold for $25, and always kind of amazed when I convinced somebody to buy one.
- salesperson at a department store. This was my worst job by far. It seems many people (of course, none of my readers) assume store clerks are idiots, and that it is possible to whine and bitch enough to finagle said idiots into giving you a pile of clothes for $1. Of course, the manager of the idiots was often called to facilitate the transaction, and left store clerk truly looking like an idiot because she actually tried to conduct a legitimate business deal. I usually had to bite my tongue to not scream at them "I am getting my Master’s degree, people!! I am not an idiot!!" Reflecting on this further, perhaps I was an idiot after all for staying there as long as I did…
- government intern X 5
- government employee (yup – life became pretty boring after those initial colorful jobs)

4 movies you can watch over & over
- "Steel Magnolias"
- "Beaches"
- "Joy Luck Club"
- "Ghostbusters," or really any movie with Bill Murray (I had to add one comedy or else you’d think I sit around with a box of tissues, shoving down the cupcakes I made that week, feeling miserable about life. I don’t. I’m just a sucker for movies that deal with relationships with women – mother/daughter, best friends, mothers and daughters that are best friends, like me and my Mom. If I added one more tearjerker it would have been "Terms of Endearment")

4 places you’ve lived
- San Diego, CA
- College Station, TX
- Beverly Hills, CA (90212 – missed the glamorous life by 2 postal codes)
- Long Beach, CA

4 TV shows you love
- "CSI"
- "MXC" (especially the one with the Monsters v. Mascots – I nearly had an accident I was laughing so hard)
- "Sex in the City"
- "Carnivale" (Guess it was kind of short-lived, but it was the last show that I made a point to watch every week)

4 places you’ve vacationed
- Zion National Park, UT
- Sequoia/ King’s Canyon National Park, CA
- Lake Mead, AZ (This hardly constituted as a "vacation." Come on, Dad – you have to agree. Temperatures well over 100 degrees and the trashiest campers we have ever encountered. Plus I was kind of in my adolescent bratty stage then – that’s an understatement, right Mom? So camping with my parents was probably not high on my list of things to do – that’s an understatement as well)
- Mexican Riviera (Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas) I heart cruises, and hope to go on many more!

4 favorite foods
- udon
- BT’s fried tacos
- McDonald’s chicken nuggets (comfort food)
- yellow cake with chocolate frosting (more comfort food)

4 sites visited almost daily
- Google (personalized homepage)
- Google Reader (22 blogs read daily!)
- Ebay
- Flickr

4 places you’d rather be right now
- positively anywhere with BT!
- shopping with my Mom
- Austin, TX (I have a thing for Austin)
- Italy (the place I gotta go before I die)

4 careers you considered (added by six ten pine)
- marine biologist (I really imagined I would be caring for the dolphins at Sea World by now)
- environmental planner (the perfect melding of my degrees – unfortunately perfect on paper does not equal perfect as a real job)
- the job I am applying for (wish me luck!)
- I can’t remember what I said I wanted to be when I grew up. Maybe a nurse, or a veterinarian. Probably a veterinarian, until I realized that most of their interaction with animals was because the animal was sick or dying. I thought maybe you just got to play with puppies and kitties all day.

I guess you’re supposed to tag 4 people, but I hate to put myself out there if people have already done this, or they’ve been tagged a million times already, or they just hate memes. So, I’ll leave it up to you. But let me know if you do one!


telfair said...

I'm so glad you weren't annoyed at the unofficial tag. I LOVED reading your meme! I think your 100-degree vacation with your parents during your adolescent "bratty" stage was especially funny, since I can remember a couple of those myself.
(Maybe not 100 degrees, since we lived in MI, but you get the picture.)

M said...

I remember those times well.

telfair said...

BTW, I hadn't heard of "Google Reader" before your reference to it, and now, after checking it out, I'm sort of hooked. It's a nice way to sneakily keep up with my reading during the work day, cleverly visiting only one site. Thanks for the rec.!