Thursday, March 02, 2006


After reading my last post, you may have wondered how somebody could have 70 unfinished projects. The answer to that question requires me to expose a dark little secret. It is a strange "hobby" that I have not told many people about (until now). Really, it's more of a diversion. It keeps me from thinking about being 31 and childless while my friends and family are popping out kids left and right (sorry, I don't mean that to sound unloving. There was a point in time when I had 6 close friends and family members that were pregnant at the same time, which was difficult for someone with a biological clock that had turned me into a time bomb) I guess it's the equivalent of a hope chest...but for a baby. So, yeah - I make baby clothes...but with no real timeline as to when (or if) they will be needed.

Weird, huh? It all started with the fabric. I found a great source for Painting Red Rhinos fabric, which are mainly cute printed knits and corduroys. That represents about half of what you see here

Then I just kept buying stuff I liked. This was about 3 years ago, and to save face I really haven't bought that much new stuff in the last couple of years. I haven't made anything either. This was how far I got

You can see there is a disproportionate amount of girl clothes and fabrics. Only 'cause the prints are more fun - I'm not biased or anything. I also just noticed that there is a disproportionate amount of white as well. It seems I would have a lot to learn as a mom. Fortunately the PRR fabric dyes really well, so I can always darken them up a bit.

I'm probably setting myself up for a big disappointment if I find out we cannot have kids - though BT and I have talked about adopting, with or without our own. Or, what if we don't have a boy and a girl? What happens to the rest of the clothes? What if the newborn-sized clothes are all winter clothes and our baby is born in summer? Luckily we have lots of family members who have hopes for lots of kids, so the clothes will definitely not go to waste.

Really I'm not as baby hungry as I was a few years ago (in fact, some days after a trip to Target with its background "music" of screams and cries, I feel very fortunate to come home and enjoy the peace and quiet of our childless home). But, now I have all this fabric, and spent quite a bit to acquire it. So, I might as well finish what I intended to do with it. I could have lied and said the baby clothes I make this month are for a niece or nephew, but that might have seemed weird too after awhile, like why is she going overboard for somebody else's baby? I figured honesty is the best policy, right? And I have plenty more projects this month that have nothing to do with babies, so I will mix it up a bit.

Hope I didn't scare anybody away! I promise other than this I am quite normal. Well, I do enjoy peanut butter and butter (PB&B) sandwiches, which BT thinks is absolutely disgusting, but I swear other than those two things I am quite normal.


tricia said...

I so enjoy your blog...I've been lurking for a couple of weeks now. So, "Hi!"
You are going to have the best dressed baby, those clothes are beautiful!

chanadaal said...

I can totally identify. I too am 31 and childless. I make baby clothes and toys for my friends babies - I haven't as yet kept anything for myself (or I'd certainly have a pile). It is definitely a little depressing when it seems EVERYONE around you is either already a mom or is pregnant! Sigh.

telfair said...

If I had as much talent as you do, with the sewing, I would definitely be making a hope chest, too! Baby clothes are so expensive and if you can make them yourself, it's just more special, somehow.

32 & childless here...and I have a "maybe baby" hoard, myself -- children's books. I love buying them and now GB does, too. We have a whole shelf of them.

I'm sure you & BT will be brilliant parents and that, as the comment above says, you will have the best-dressed baby in town!

gracia said...

Hello, I've just discovered your blog via whip up - so glad i did!

ohelene said...

I found your blog via whipup and will definitely add you to my bloglines. I hope your wish for a kid comes through!! Reading your story makes me appreciate even more my own happiness.

my house is cuter than yours said...

jen, i was buying baby stuff a year or more before i became pregnant so i am with you! i kept thinking to myself this is crazy and a waste of money and space..what if we never have a child. but then i would find another cute vintage baby thing i just had to have...And when you do have a child, you damn sure won't have time to be stitching up all these cute clothes! i see this as you being ahead of the game!

Betty Bohemian said...

lol- okay, I know this post is YEARS old but I had to write anyway because i'm doing the same thing!!!!!! I have babyitis soooo bad its not even funny. And the rediculous part? My kids right now are 3 and 5!! (though, they were adopted so I didn't get the preggo experience). Also A new aquaintence of mine is doing the same thing so you are not alone!! (my other weird hobby is I like to look up themed cakes in Google Images. I dunno even know what to say about that)