Sunday, March 26, 2006

Come On Get Happy

Now that she has received it, here's a shot of Ramona's Happy Pack for answering my little quizzical earlier this month

A lemony yellow pack of kitchen items including a kitchen towel, stretchy bowl covers printed with lemons, 2 silicone spatulas, a lemon zester, Lemonheads, and little handmade felt lemon hanger.

Look for another quizzical next month!


ramona said...

it has been such a great idea!
and a lemon zest maker always has been on my wishlist but i never bought one myself. llala :-)

telfair said...

A lemon zester...who knew!?

I'll have to get one for GB who's forever scraping his knuckles, trying to use the big cheese grater.

Great "happy pack!"

my house is cuter than yours said...

you make such cool happy packs!!!

Gina said...

So sweet and lemony.