Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tie One On ~ Mapron

**Updated pics added**

After getting a lukewarm response to my questions set forth to BT regarding what type of "mapron" he wanted (Would you like a barbecue mapron? - neh...A bar mapron? - neh...A mapron for the garage?- neh), I decided to make one for my Dad, who said he really wanted a shop mapron

I used this pattern

(coincidentally, my Dad has a sweet 'stache, just like the model on the front of the pattern!)

The mapron is made with army drab green denim and trimmed with a heavy cotton tape. I figured the ruler twill tape used on the riveted hammer loop is the men's equivalent of rick rack.



Pink Rocket said...

very manly! awesome!

telfair said...

My dad would LOVE one of those. Your dad is going to think it's the bees' knees, I'll bet.

My dad has a sweet 'stache, too!

BT said...


my house is cuter than yours said...

very nice jen! All my men folk said "neh" to this month's theme also! So mapron for me...

margot said...

I love it! Great job and the ruler twill tape is great.