Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Somebody call the wahmbulance...

Sorry to be melodramatic here, folks. But I thought I should let some of you know just so you didn't feel slighted if I haven't kept up on comments on your blogs, or if I instead left a random dumb comment. I had a serious attack of food poisoning Sunday night that wiped me out all of Monday. And no, it was not from eating food from the dollar store.

You should have seen me Monday morning setting up the voting for the 99 Cent Challenge - I was pathetic. I was lying in bed typing on the laptop with one hand, trying to convince myself that people were counting on me, and that I just had to do this one thing before I passed out for the day. Then there were all sorts of problems with the voting, and I just could not come up with the right answers. So, I'm sorry if I didn't say the right thing, or said nothing, and I'm super sorry that there were problems with the voting - please understand that my mind was clouded by the toxins released from a bad chicken bowl.

I warn you - NEVER eat at the City Mex restaurant in Signal Hill!!!

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming. And don't forget to submit your vote for the 99 Cent Challenge by Friday! Two entries are neck-and-neck, but no one is out of the running yet!


Pink Rocket said...

AWWW! I'm sorry you were sick!! Hope you're all better now!

BT said...

But my nachos were fine!

elizabeth said...

sorry that you feel so icky! here's hoping that its outta your system in no time :)

telfair said...

Oh No!!

I'm so sorry you felt poorly -- I hope you're better now.

I got food poisoning on my honeymoon, in Las Vegas, and I don't know which was worse -- the horrible roiling nausea, or paying $12 for a bowl of chicken broth from room service, because it was the only thing I could keep down. Ugh. Hope you're on the mend!

my house is cuter than yours said...

You poor thing! I feel so bad thinking of you setting the voting up and all, then hurling in the mean time!
I do have to tell you..when I read the first line about you having food poisoning...The first thought I had was... the 99 cent food! ha ha! I was thinking 'OMG! she ate the meal!" ha ha! glad you're feeling better!

Lori said...

I feel your pain with the food poisoning. I had it in Paris once and then had to get up at 6am the following morning to take the train to London. Nothing like the rolling of the train to complement the rolling of the nausea. I spent most of the time throwing up in the really gross bathroom.
I loved your 99cent meal idea. I've seen some lovely entries!
Take care-

petulant said...

oh you poor thing! Can't believe you were fighting with the voting from your sick bed. Hope you're on the mend.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for all of your nice words!