Friday, February 17, 2006

Incoming and Outgoing Birthday Wishes

I received an early b-day gift from my Mom and Dad! As I am looking at 31 (sad to be no longer just 30, I will be in my 30s), you would think that I would be more mature and patient. But nah - isn't like the whole weekend just for me to celebrate and do what I want? Well, that's what I convinced myself when I opened the package today rather than waiting for my actual birthday.

My Mom normally despises thrift and antique stores, but she really wanted to get me something vintage. She said she was in the store a long time - and it was worth it! I'm really happy with what she sent - a
Hazel Atlas Depression glass sugar and creamer set ~ Newport line (aka "Hairpin")

(Just a note ~ colored sugar seems like a really good idea to serve with tea in theory, but doesn't really work out. It leaves a rainbow oil slick film on the surface of the tea that streaks down along the sides of the cup as you drink it. But, who would complain if it was presented in such a cute dish?)

AND this totally amazing s&p shaker set

We just moved up a notch on the coolness chart amongst our beer drinking and brats eating friends! Thanks, Mom!

She also sent a gift card for some much needed new clothes. Did I mention I have been put on a budget this month? Not that I was able to spend with abandon in the past, but this is the first time I've actually had a set amount to spend on food, craft supplies, gifts (for others and myself), clothes, etc. Let's just say it is not going too well...So, I am lucky to have some "free money" to add to my budget (hey babe - neener neener neener!)

Finally I want to send birthday wishes to my almost birthday twin and best friend in the whole wide world (apropos, as she lives in Japan) ~ Joy. Hope you are spending the weekend with the one you love, and that he is spoiling you rotten!

(Picture taken at The Broken Spoke in Austin, Texas during our Girls Only weekend July, 2005. The camera had beer goggles on, but not me...noooo...not me)


Pink Rocket said...

oh!! what a great birthday present! that's so cool!!

Gina said...

Kewl cups, and that photo commentary is snazzy too.

elizabeth said...

great bday presents!

telfair said...

These are great. I love getting presents like this -- thoughtful things that you know were picked out with you in mind, that you will keep in your house for a long time & every time you use them, you'll think of the person that gave them.

Although gift cards are ALSO great to receive, because then you have the joy of SHOPPING to look forward to!

Happy Birthday in advance!

my house is cuter than yours said...

I don't know how I missed seeing this post. That sugar/creamer set is gorgeous darling! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!