Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gearing Up

After raiding Laurie Partridge's closet, I used this pattern

to make an apron that can be worn as a dress



and detail of fabric

Hopefully by the time Spring comes, I will lose the winter flubber, and may be gutsy enough to wear this without a shirt.

My other goal clothing item is a purchase from this weekend's visit to the 4th Street shopping district, which is comprised of 10 or 12 vintage clothing and furnishings resale stores in downtown Long Beach. I found a Gunne Sax* skirt for $5!

It is, sadly, too small right now, but now with you all as my witnesses and my support team, I will fit in this skirt by May! I can still usually lose weight pretty easily if I avoid temptation (i.e. cupcakes), have purpose, inspiration (Laurie!), and perseverance (the gym keeps taking my money each month whether I go or not).

Now I must get busy on projects with rapidly approaching deadlines, like BT's mapron, my Valentine's Day potholder, and my color-iffic swap package!!

* You probably know that Jessica McClintock made skirts and dresses like these in the 70s before she made formal wear, but just in case here's the scoop.


telfair said...

If this is you, as the model, in the pictures, it doesn't look like you have very much "flubber" to lose, at all!

Very cute apron / dress, by the way...again, I marvel at your talent.

tricia said...

My Mom made me a dress using that pattern when I was in high school!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Your apron/dress is very very flattering on the backside! yowza!