Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fabric Bonanza!

I know you all probably get tired of me complaining about my rotten luck at thrift stores. I got a tip to try Savers, but still struck out (it was not a good day to judge the store by, as I went on Monday and they were having a HUGE President's Day sale - everything in the store was 50% off). Our local Savers isn't even on their website, but that didn't deter half of southern California from showing up at the store for the sale - it was a total madhouse.

Today I went to the thrift store up the street that I have the best luck at (which isn't saying much). It is a Circle of Concern store, and really tries to sell everything they get (versus some of the larger non-profits that ditch a lot of items they deem unusable). A lot of small items are stuffed into random grab bags, which are kind of fun. They also usually have fabric and craft items. The fabric is typically sold in bundles, and unless there is a totally amazing print you can't live without, the prices are not worth jumping up and down about.

That is until today. I saw two large plastic bags near the fabric bin marked at $2.29 apiece.

I could see a few prints in both that looked like keepers. I figured for that price I could buy both bags, and as long as I salvaged a few yards, I would end up ahead. Here's what I got:

Some vintage and/or retro prints

Some nice prints in shades of blue

(The fork and spoon print is super cute, but there isn't that much of it. Maybe just enough for a tea napkin.)

A few fancier fabrics, including lavender eyelet and a pale blue lacy fabric that looks like something you would overlay on a skirt.

A couple of fun prints

and some "scenic" prints

The tree fabric may be good for my coloriffic swap partner - he seems like an earthy kind of guy. The tie-dyed bird print is worth the $4.58 by itself. If there is not enough of that for a t-shirt, it will be the tantrum heard round the world!!

There was also some wool felt, some lining fabric, and even a couple of nice hankies thrown in the bag. The bags are now 2/3 full, so there will be a lot going back to CoC. It was really fun to go through the fabric, as a few of these prints weren't even visible from the outside of the bag. Now I just have to figure out where to store all of this...I've never had the problem of coming home with too much stuff from the thrift store before!

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my house is cuter than yours said...

Yay! So glad you finally got a thrift score!!