Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dollar-iffic Classics

Do your kids know the words to classic "kid" songs like Big Rock Candy Mountain* and Little Brown Jug? Well, mine will! Thanks to these classic CDs and a DVD of songs from a bygone era when we didn't care if our kids sang about getting drunk

(Check out the hammered elephants heralding the fun loving little brown jug)

They are the real deal - kids' songs recorded in the 40s, 50s and 60s, complete with the calming voice of a man you hope never shows up at your child's school inviting all the little kiddies to gather round. Some of the songs are cut off a little in the beginning, but what do you expect for a buck? (The CDs were from the dollar store and the DVD was from Walmart)

But seriously - there are a lot of great songs here. I have bought most of my nieces and nephews some type of sing-a-long DVD that has classic (though usually less booze-related) songs on them. I just can't stand to think the only song the youngens will know is the theme song to Sponge Bob Square Pants.

* Re Big Rock Candy Mountain - Granted the word "candy" is in the name, but the song's message is finding a place where it's cool to be a vagrant, pluck cigarettes off of trees, and drink booze from the rocks - on the rocks? I don't remember - I'll have to listen to my new CD collection!


Pink Rocket said...

how cute are those!!! i was surprised today by finding novelty yarn at my dollar store today!!

send me an email for the pouch please; i don't have your email addy! the black one is not taken...pinkrocket at comcast dot net

Stephanie said...

that's a great find! i taught preschool special ed for a few years and the sing a long song of old are pretty morbid. we would sing the old lady that swallowed a fly (..."perhaps she'll die!"). Then one day on the playgroud, a poor little one ran up to me crying and pronounced emphatically that she was going to die! she had swalled a fly (well a knat..same difference to her!)

gina said...

Those CDs are cute indeed! Your post reminds me of the "hundred greatest kids songs" or something like that CD I have. For the longest time I felt good about the children listening to "classic" kids song because I didn't know much when I was little. One day I actually listened to the lyrics and was floored. There were songs about how a boy being irresponsible lead to a girls drowning and after being sorry about it, turned his attention to her sister, another was about pushing a old man down the stairs, unbelieveable! :) I still let the kids listen to it...I figure that these songs been around for so can't do harm. I never once heard someone blame twisted children songs for their negative behavior. later!

telfair said...

I love "Big Rock Candy Mountain." I have to confess, though, that the first time I heard it was on the "O Brother Where Art Thou" soundtrack -- but it made me laugh then and continues to now. But in sort of a wistful kind of way -- you know it was written at a time when people genuinely yearned for a better, easier life.

BTW...a LONG time ago (I've been reading your archives ;) ) you wrote a post about a Halloween record that you & BT loved...I'm just wondering here, but I used to listen to a Halloween record that I just loved to a worn old shred. Was it a Disney record with "The Haunted Mansion" on it? And Richie Cunningham was the kids' voice?

You're probably thinking, "oh, she's a nutter" but I haven't been able to find that record ever since and I'm wondering if I'm the only one who loved it as a kid and still remembers it fondly.

Jennifer said...

I know - I know - some of the older children's songs are a bit morbid or inappropriate for the modeern world. I'll probably chicken out when the little ones do come around.

Telfair ~ I found this website that describes some of the older Halloween sounds records. BT and I had the one pictured about halfway down the page "Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House." It appears the one you are interested in is the Haunted Mansion album (1969), which I think I've heard before but didn't own.

I read your archives too, girlfriend! That's how I know what your codenames mean!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Those look so cool! The graphics are pretty neat too!
We have decided to change the line 'perhaps she'll die" to "perhaps she'll cry". I got pumpkinbutt that book for easter last year, didn't realized it was so morbid!