Sunday, February 05, 2006

Be My Valentine, 1979

As mentioned previously, my parents' house serves as a storage unit for many of my old childhood memories. I have started going through the boxes of stuff to weed out the few things I'd like to keep, but am limited by how often we visit my parents, as they live out of state.

I started thinking about old valentines, and wondered how many my Mom could easily find in a storage box marked "Jenny's Old Papers and Letters." She said it was no trouble (obviously glad to get rid of anything she could from the guest closet that is currently unusable as it is filled with all my stuff). In the mail yesterday came this little bag

obviously part of a valentine exchange at school. Here are the wonderfully cute valentines that were inside

focus on a few extra cute ones

Maybe next year I will do some kind of decoupage/collage kind of project and make them into a keepsake item. But for now, I get such a kick looking at them individually and trying to remember the kids that gave them to me. So, I made this little holder to display the valentines

If you knew a little girl named Jenny in College Station, Texas circa 1979 and recognize any of these valentines, please drop me a line!


telfair said...

That's so brings back so many memories of Valentine Exchanges, and what a painstaking process it was at the dime store, picking out the perfect package of little Valentines, and then deciding who should get which one.

It makes me wish I'd saved mine, too. I love the little holder you made.

elizabeth said...

those are amazing!!!!! those would be great for all sorts of crafty paper projects!!!

and i bet the signatures are hilarious :)

my house is cuter than yours said...

so so freaking cute! my mom put all of my valentines from kindergarden to high school in a scrapbook but the backs are glued down so I can't enjoy looking at them singly like yours are! The little heart pouch card holder is so so cute too! what a good idea for displaying!

BT said...

I am insanely jealous!

Barb said...

That is absolutely adorable. Valentines are actually highly collectible now.