Saturday, January 28, 2006

Thrifts and Antiques

Usually, one cannot tell one from the other. It is the lucky soul that scores a find at a thrift store, then turns around and sells it at their consignment booth at an antique store for 10 times as much.

I was bound and determined today to find something worthwhile at the thrift store, rather than heading over to an antique store to fill my need for something not new but cool. My three main objectives when I go thrifting are cashmere/wool felted sweaters, sewing supplies, and tiki barware. I found two out of the three today

A cashmere sweater ($3.99), soon to be made over into a nifty baby sweater once I get it cleaned, and 5 older apron patterns for 39 cents each. This one is my favorite

The yellow "apron" is being worn as a dress! I rarely make my own clothes, but I think this may be an exception (I'm getting worried about the clothes I am seeing for Spring). Additional photos on Flickr (I did not add them to Amy's Vintage Apron Pattern group, as most of them are 1970s and newer - not sure that meets her definition of "vintage." The oldest pattern I bought today, Simplicity 3206, is already in the group twice - must have been a popular one back then!)

Then, feeling good about my finds but still wanting more, it was off to my favorite antique store. I like it because there are a lot of themed booths, which makes shopping easier. My favorites include two craft booths and a vintage barware booth. Of course, you have to be careful with the prices, and that you are not getting totally ripped off (sometimes new stuff is put out as antiques). But, sometimes the renters get tired of seeing the same stuff and mark it down, or they put everything in the booth on sale. Such was the case at one of the craft booths today - everything was 25% off! So, here's what I got

A happy turtle denim print ($1.50), a large piece of cheery 60s era fabric ($2.00 - looks like it might have been a curtain), and some rickrack of varying widths (38 cents per card). The fabric on the right did not have a tag, and lo and behold the lady that rents the booth was there in the store. I usually hate that, as it means some degree of markup as they realize someone is interested in their goods. But, the store owner had just finished telling her how I am that booth's number one patron, so she just waved her hand and said to give it to me for $2.00.

I also found a yard of fabric that was designed to be made into a tablecloth (if it were longer), or an apron ($4.50), and buttons for covering in fabric (75 cents)

The button package says it is a refill, but it was open and the holder and pusher were in the package as well. Here's a fun little button

(Pardon my chapped fingers - they are my excuse for not knitting this week - I am just craft-challenged as of late!)

Finally, I found a box filled with wrapping paper in another booth. They were a little pricey at $1 each (they are pretty small pieces), but these two were so cute I couldn't resist.

It looks like I went shopping at the Partridge Family's house. I am usually not so into 60s stuff, but I must have been feeling kind of groovy today.


Pink Rocket said...

What a score! I love the fabrics! I have that same butcher apron! I've made 2 and they're very easy to make, it's only 3 big pieces and the ties.

telfair said...

You *are* groovy. I love seeing all of the treasures you find. I'll bet you could sew yourself up a whole trendy, whimsical, flattering wardrobe.


You're making me wish I knew how to sew...that will undoubtedly be the next area you "inspire" me in, now that I'm knitting away enthusiastically, if a bit clumsily.

"Sewing for Dummies"...hmm...

my house is cuter than yours said...

The buttons look adorable! I buy those "cover your own buttons' kits at thrifts all the time but never do any. you have definatley inspired me to make some now!