Saturday, January 14, 2006

Penguin Awareness Day

Today was Penguin Awareness Day, or "PAD," as it is referred to in our household. We happened to discover PAD a couple of years ago when BT's cousin was on a mission for his church. I sent a themed care package to him every month, and always had a hard time with January (what kind of care package do you send to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?)

Anyway, I found this website listing all the obscure holidays and observances that are out there, and thus found out about PAD. I can't really find anything about the origins of this annual observance, but we have come up with our own way of recognizing penguins on their special day. Here is how we celebrated PAD this year

First, we cleaned out the freezer

(I'm almost two ice cubes tall!)

Then we scoured the internet for facts about penguins

(I miss my family)

We enjoyed homemade penguin cookies with milk


and watched March of the Penguins

(Never mind that part about being homesick - it's a rough life in Antarctica)

Happy Penguin Awareness Day!


telfair said...

That is so funny...I loved the penguin cookie...(Mom?)

my house is cuter than yours said...

That is soo clever! nice cookie too!