Saturday, January 07, 2006


My PBR ornaments from Mary at MHICTY arrived today - an occasion so great I brought out our mini Christmas tree again to display a couple of them (there were six all together - six, like a 6-pack, get it?)

You would think sending the ornaments would be enough, but no - she was so sweet to include some extra goodies

A magazine with an article she wrote on buying gifts from convenience stores, and her handmade calling card

and some loot for our tiki bar, including a wooden pineapple dish, s&p shakers from Hawaii, and a couple of paper umbrellas, along with a book of matches from a restaurant she likes, and a few blank ones to personalize for our own "bar" (great idea!) Thank you so much!! And if this is the kind of stuff she owns, I know her house is a whole heck of a lot cuter than mine!

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my house is cuter than yours said...

aww! I'm blushing! Glad you liked the way you did the pictures (BT!?) too.