Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I am not a yarn snob - I cannot afford to be one.

I love working with nice yarn, and know that there are some projects that you would do a disservice to by making them out of acrylic. But...there are also projects you see out there that really do not need to be made out of a certain yarn that is mostly acrylic anyway, when you can get a giant skein of pure acrylic at Michaels (I wonder if there is anyone out there that is a snob about a yarn being "genuine" acrylic?) for a couple of bucks.

Over the last few years, I have amassed an acrylic "stash" much larger than I would want to keep for too much longer.

So, what does one make from a basket of cheap yarn?

A stripey washcloth

(actually cotton, but just inexpensive Sugar n' Cream yarn that has overstayed its welcome in my yarn basket)

A fuzzy bunny for a new baby

Knitted rectangles for Warm Up America afghans

(No, this is not a knitted sandwich)

It is my goal to use up this basket of yarn this month. I'll throw a few projects up once I get going. I picked up the Knit Knack Kit from Costco last night - just for fun. Luckily it has a lot of cute projects that are acrylic approved (at least according to the pattern cards).

I could easily just throw all the yarn away - this whole basket probably cost less than one skein of the yarn used in the highly desired Clapotis, but I think it is kind of a fun challenge to try and use it all. Knowing me, I'll start thinking of other colors I need to complete a project, and probably end up buying more cheap yarn in the process...

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