Tuesday, January 31, 2006


So, you were on your way to Neiman Marcus today for a $900 Luella bag. On the way, you stopped at Target for some toilet paper (you want to live like the common people) and saw this

and this

and nearly fainted when you saw this ensemble

tried to think of the next party where you could wear this

and wondered if anyone would ever think you could pull this off

How is it possible that my favorite store (Target, not Neiman Mark-up, silly!) can keep getting more and more cool?


Pink Rocket said...

OH! I was just in Target!! I saw all the cool stuff! They were just putting it all out! I drooled over the first shirt! (is was only $25!) Poor Jerrett didn't want to be dragged around the clothing section so I couldn't look. So sad!! I wanna go back!

elizabeth said...

that red dress is to die for.

hmm...wonder if i can pull that off at work ;)

my house is cuter than yours said...

oh, man, I love me some Target! I haven't seen any of these things yet! I was just under Target's spell a few days ago too!

telfair said...

I miss the US Target!!

Aussie Target doesn't have any of that stuff.

It's still good, but not AS good.


Gina said...

Was the cherry skirt there too?

Jennifer said...

Gina ~ They were still unpacking stuff when I was there, but there was a peg underneath the cherry shirt that was begging to be filled with the super cute cherry skirt!

Gina said...

LOL : )