Saturday, January 07, 2006

Look at me, I'm Sandra Lee

I don't really know that much about her - never saw her show, and upon seeing her cookbooks at the store just thought she looked kind of pastel-y and fake-y. But at the 99 Cents Only store the other day, I found this page-a-day calendar

I needed a calendar for work, and the projects shown on the front of the box kind of intrigued me. I guess I am usually a 70-30 kind of person (that's her philosophy on making stuff - use 70% store-bought items with 30% homemade to take 100% of the credit - insert fake-y laugh here) when it comes to cooking and baking (btw, that was a cake mix, Cristina dahling). And really since the calendar was only 99 cents, what did I have to lose?

The first few days of the calendar were kind of lame, as they spread out an explanation of Sandra Lee's philosophy, and then January 4 had hints and tips on how to bake a cake (thanks, but I have Martha for that). Looking ahead, I noticed some of the recipes cover 2 days (ingredients on one day, how to make it on the next). So, maybe someone thought the calendar was poorly laid out, and pulled it from the main retail shelves, destined for the dollar store. Or maybe Sandra Lee is totally not popular anymore - like I said, I really don't know anything about her.

This was the first thing I made from the calendar

You take two boxes of Jell-O No Bake Cheesecake and add butterscotch carmel sauce to the cheesecake mix. You also add butter to the cheesecake part instead of just milk, which makes it very rich. The topping is toasted pecans mixed with brown sugar and more butterscotch carmel sauce. Finally, our cheesecake was drizzled with Bourbon-Spiked Butterscotch Sauce, from our friend Jill's Christmas basket of homemade goodies (see, I told you we have gourmet friends!) But, you can sub with more of the sauce you used above. Let's just say BT and I are kind of digging Sandra Lee (and our friend Jill, but that's nothing new).

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Pink Rocket said...

I watched her show for awhile; she made some really great stuff! Then at the end of the show she would show you cheap ways to decorate your table. I'm all about taking 100% of the credit!