Tuesday, January 24, 2006!

There are very few "perks" associated with my job. Occasionally, however, I get to go on site visits of businesses that end up being more fun than work.

Such was the case yesterday, touring Disney Studios in Glendale. I may have been there for something else entirely, but our tour guide was awesome. She took us through the Disney research library, the prop house, and through the stage where they shoot Alias. But, the highlight of the trip was seeing (and touching - I just had to) the wardrobe from Chronicles of Narnia

It was just sitting in a random building, along with some other large props from the movie, including Santa's sleigh. The wardrobe was not made out of wood, but rather the same fake-y kind of Fiberglas construction they use for many items at the Disney parks. But, leave it to the experts to make it look incredible in the movie. The wardrobe was kind of dinged up and dusty - you wouldn't believe that it was the central prop to a recently released major motion picture.

I liked the movie ok - BT did not. Watching the movie, I, like many other knitters out there, was obsessed with the clothes in the movie. I'm just waiting for Little Turtle Knits to post her pattern for Lucy's beret, and all other WIPs will get tossed aside.

People that grow up in southern California have a love/hate relationship with Disney. We resent the materialism and how their influence seems to be everywhere. A friend told us recently how Disneyland gave away free tickets to the students at her school, which sounds really nice until you consider this "free" prize will end up costing a small fortune to get the rest of the family into the park.

But, Disneyland itself still represents a magical place for most of us that instantly transforms us into children. Driving by the park now and seeing the tip of the Matterhorn always makes me smile. When we are visiting friends in nearby Fullerton, we can hear the fireworks from the nightly Disneyland parade, and even sometimes go outside to see if we can catch a glimpse. The night before we are scheduled to go to Disneyland, I cannot sleep in anticipation of all the fun I am going to have the next day.

I'm not a full-blown Disneyaholic or anything. No collections or Disney apparel. But, I can't deny Disney is part of me. Just check out the quote on my banner. Oh, and a look at Disney trips past

(I wasn't aware I had such big feet back then! I should have asked Minnie if I could borrow her shoes...)


my house is cuter than yours said...

I have never been to Disney World (in my state, as you know). I am looking forward to going one day with Pumkinbutt. I hear it's amazing! But like yourself, I'm not really all that crazy for the mouse!

Barb said...

My brother used to take me to Disneyland every year with my best friend Anna. We would lounge in the back of his corvette and play the alphabet game (she got one side of the street, I got the other, and we had to look for billboard signs and spell out the alphabet. It was a big deal going by a liquor store, so you could finally get a 'Q'). That was the '60s, so there were orange groves everywhere. Where that California part is now (what's the name again?) that was a strawberry field. Seeing the Matterhorn was a big deal. I heard somewhere recently (Dr. Drew?) that it's sad today that kids are so overstimulated, it's like a constant seeing the Matterhorn, so they don't know how to have quiet time, daydream time, or what to do with themselves. Nothing is wonderous anymore. I was in a writing class recently, and everyone had this huge debate over how 'horrible' Disney films are. I stood up and said, I happen to like them. I swear, the entire class turned in unison, eyes filled with venom. One woman said, "have you had kids? No? Figures." Insanely rude. I'm not much of a theme park person anymore, but as a kid it was fantastic.