Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy (belated) New Year's 2006!

I had big plans to finish hanging my 2006 Funktion Home dishtowel calendar yesterday to wish you all a Happy New Year

Unfortunately yesterday I was not in a good way. Every few years, I forget that my body is unable to process champagne, and New Year's Day I pay the price. I'm kind of sensitive to how the new year starts, and what tone it sets for the rest of the year, but I will try to remain optimistic (i.e. try not to think of this as a year of repeating old mistakes, what have you). At least the Rose Parade wasn't canceled - what a bad sign that would have been.

It seems people are shying away from posting their NY resolutions, but I am a big believer in them. Perhaps posting them in a public setting will be extra encouragement to stick with 'em. Here they are, in no particular order

1) Find a new job. The one I have is past its prime. I am bored, under-appreciated and under-paid - I need new challenges, and to meet new people.

2) Be healthier. Last year, BT and I started a campaign to lose weight. We were pretty successful (I lost 20 pounds, BT lost 50). I still have 20 or so pounds to go to reach my goal weight, but more important than the weight this year, I want to focus on my health in general. Try to include an extra day at the gym every week, and work even harder to cut junk food and fast food out of my diet.

3) Craft it up! I have really enjoyed the last few months of crafting, as there was the extra motivation to have something blog-worthy to write about. I really love this new community that has developed, and am glad to know there are other crafty gals like me literally all over the world. I kind of felt like I was a little strange, at least in relation to my friends and relatives, before I started making these connections. But, now I know that there are other women like me out there that have extensive stashes of fabric (only 2 large storage boxes - I feel like a lightweight compared to some) and yarn (not so bad here yet, but I'm working on it), people that would pay exorbitant prices for the perfect fabric or trim (my worst is $15 for a fat quarter), would stay up very late to complete a project (4:37 a.m.), would rather make than buy a gift for someone (generic gifts that do not relate to the recipient are big no-nos in my book), would run out to Michaels for a 40 cent item
to complete a project (though most likely you would find something else you want while you were there), and those that still find time to complete amazing crafts when they have children (very good to know for future reference - I get so tired of people saying that I only can do what I do 'cause I don't have kids yet).

So, to that end, I have a few sub-resolutions with regards to crafts

a) Learn how to customize my blog and my website.
b) Take better pictures (perhaps I'll finally take a photography class - that's been a reso for a few years now).
c) Connect with more crafters.
d) Make prototypes for craft items for sale.
e) Try to do something creative every day!

There are a few more, but don't want to bore ya'll to death. Basically, just to be happy and healthy are my two biggest goals. Best wishes to everyone for the same!

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telfair said...

These are great! I look forward to lots more of your crafty blog this year. You have already inspired me to pick up a new hobby...thanks to you, I'm now hooked on knitting! Happy New Year!