Friday, January 20, 2006

Fruit, Flowers, and...Books

This week marked our 4th wedding anniversary!

In order to make gift giving a little easier, we follow those silly anniversary gift lists that have a traditional and modern gift option for each year of marriage. We have used the "traditional" gift up until this point, and we also usually set a price limit (some years it has been as low as $10). Many of our gifts to each other have been homemade, which is pretty cool.

This year was "Fruit or Flowers." Ummm...I am usually a pretty creative person, and I know I should have been able to make a gift that incorporates those two items (I already made a Hawaiian shirt for BT for our second anniversary - cotton - or else I would have made another shirt this year), but I just drew a blank. Of course, I figured he would have no trouble with me, and I was right

I received this lovely fruit basket that he assembled on his own, and a beautiful white orchid (must not kill anniversary gift - I hope I can find a good place for it to reside out of the way of the destructive duo - our cats).

So, not having any lightning bolt ideas, I backed out a little. Ok, a lot. I found another gift guide that listed books as another 4th anniversary option. I bought a book I knew he wanted (name of book not included to protect my husband's geeky alter ego) and wrapped the gift with a hastily made handmade paper flower

(small image because I didn't use a tripod so the picture is blurry, and the whole thing kind of sucks anyway)

I have just been too wrapped up getting ready for our party this weekend, and didn't plan far enough in advance to make this a more memorable gift. I hate when my neurotic behavior prevents me from applying my energy towards the people that mean the most to me, and instead gets wasted on silly crap. Of course, I've been torturing myself since we exchanged gifts thinking of all the things I could have done instead. Well, at least I know I can make it up to him soon for V-day!

But overall, I know the gifts are not what matters, and I am so glad to have such a wonderful and caring husband...


my house is cuter than yours said...

You are being too hard on yourself! The book is a fine gift and I LOVE the way you wrapped it!
Good Luck with Chuy's Atomic Dog party! Take lots of pic's so I can see!

Cristina said...

I love your gift from BT! I can just imagine him carefully and artfully arranging the fruit into an attractive color scheme. (and picking out an unblemished orchid just for you). Too sweet....

I'm dying to know what the book was. Did it have anything to do with comic books perchance?

Pink Rocket said...

Geesh! I've been trying to wish you a happy anniversary for days now! Everytime I clicked to comment I'd get a blank screen! So:
Happy Belated Anniversary! Wishing you both wonderful and happy years together!

telfair said...

You guys are such amazing gift givers...both the book and the fruit basket were just beautiful, and the orchid -- what a thoughtful gift.
Happy Anniversary!