Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Felt Mouse Banner

*Update - I have a new idea for TOO that I think is just right using a couple of nostalgic clothing pieces. And it should be pretty, so will try to get it done tomorrow!*

Here is a banner made of - what else - felt! that I will hopefully translate somehow into the banner for my blog and my website

In other crafty news, I am in crisis mode regarding my TOO apron!! The bed jacket idea was a flop

(before pic)

I could not recover enough of the satin bias tape to cover the exposed sides once I removed the back (to add to the front so the apron would be a decent length). Without the back, and since the bed jacket was a size small, there wasn't anything left on the sides, so it looked kind of funny. The logistics of the whole thing were just off - bad idea.

Then, I tried these two shirts

(another before shot - and a sneak peak at the crafty cupboard paint color!)

This resulted in an apron that was too flimsy, and looked terrible on. I guess I could take a picture of it just hanging, but I like to make something that could be functional as an apron. And white? Probably would not be a good apron color for me - in fact these shirts already did have stains on them, which made me think they were good choices to cut up.

So, I guess it's back to my original idea of using a men's shirt, despite having already seen Hillary's awesome apron using the same. Really my inclination towards this idea was not for the shirt itself, but to use one of those belts made from men's tie material I have that I suspect are no longer in style, but I have not had the heart to send to Goodwill. Of course the apron style I have in mind is different, and BT does not own many patterned shirts, so mine will be grey and boring. BUT, the part I was excited about this idea was the picture - penthouse office chic. Now I just have to find somebody that has a penthouse office...oh, and make the darn thing.

And finally, guess who is having his 8th/48th birthday party next Saturday?

(See, you can tell he's getting old - he's squinting)

~ Personal stuff ~ Hopefully you all received your invites in the mail by now to an out of this world Atomic Dog Party! Bow wow wow yippie oh yippie yeah. Silent Auction Partner (VS!) - it's so good to hear from you!! You are totally invited! Call me!

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