Monday, January 23, 2006

Atomic Dog Party

Hey everybody!

My name is Chuy, and Saturday was my big Atomic Dog birthday party bash! Sorry you couldn't make it, but here were the highlights.

First, my mom made some cool invites using her new Gocco

The day of the party, my dad covered the entire living room ceiling with 400 silver balloons!

Luckily he had an air compressor to blow up the balloons, or else I'm afraid he would have gotten a collapsed lung or something. It felt like we were inside of a 60s-era spaceship!

Here is a nifty banner my mom made using garland and silver muffin liners

Oh, and outside were glowing UFOs made from pie tins and glow sticks (too bad they didn't photograph better, but you get the idea)

The food was great! You'll have to take my word for it, based on the few morsels I was able to coax from my 15 party guests, as my mom did not take any blog-worthy pictures of the food (darnit!) But, here is the menu, which was based on recommendations for a 60s cocktail party, and recipes from Shag Party:

~ Chuy-Sized Atomic Dogs (mini wieners in tomato chili sauce)
~ Moon Cheese (Swiss fondue served with veggies and bread)
~ Shooting Stars (Star-shaped crackers and cheese)
~ Space Chicken Wings
~ Mind Meld Eggs (Deviled eggs)
~ Sentient Sticks (Stuffed Celery)
~ Intergalactic Fungi (Stuffed Mushrooms)
~ Edible Extra-Terrestrials (Shrimp stuffed with wasabi-flavored cream cheese topped with chive "antennas")
~ Candy (Starbursts, Milky Way, Atomic Fireballs)

The drink of the evening was a cosmonaut

Everyone agreed it tasted better with the Tang made before mixing it with the vodka (versus just mixing the Tang in with straight vodka, as the recipe recommends), and adding a splash of grenadine.

My people guests enjoyed a regular cake that my mom was too embarrassed let me show you, and my friends and I enjoyed our own specially prepared doggie cakes

And check out my presents!

Score! Did you see the size of that bone!!! And I finally have a "toilet" I can drink out of like the big dogs do. I love my snazzy new spike collar, and a CD with all dog songs on it. The calendar was a little misleading - the pictures are not sexy at all. And I still have one question - what do the Barbi Twins have to do with pets? (click on picture for larger image)

For entertainment, there were two games, including Musical Chairs to what other song than Atomic Dog by George Clinton

It was too funny to watch grown men play that one. The prizes for the two games included Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots and an electronic robot grabber arm.

And finally, here are some alien finger puppets that three of my friends made

It was the most fun party I ever had! Well, I guess it is also the only party I have ever had. We'll see if my parents are up for celebrating number 9 next year, but somehow I kind of doubt it. One thing I know for sure - we'll never see 400 balloons at our house again!


telfair said...

Oh my...I'm laughing so hard right now...What a lucky dog!! His parents must love him VERY much to provide 400 silver balloons. What an amazing party! You guys are just incredibly inventive and clever and fun. You must have the best time together.

I feel a little bad now, thinking, in comparison, how feebly I celebrated my HUSBAND's birthday!He didn't even get ONE balloon. I was going to show him this post, but now I think I'd better not...

telfair said...

Oh, and I just went back and started laughing all over again at how much cuter your "doggie cakes" are than my husband's 30th birthday cupcakes that I made him (they're a little sad)...poor guy...but lucky Chuy!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Chuy looks like he had a good time! You did a fab job! The balloon ceiling is such a great idea! The garland is so cool, great font! The doggy cupcakes look yummy enough I would eat them. And I can't believe you got grown up's to play music chairs! Ha Ha! Looks like you guys had an intergalactic blast!

Pink Rocket said...

That's awesome! I didn't even go that way out for my son!

elizabeth said...

that is so cute! and i love those doggie cakes!!

kample of eudoxus said...

i just stumbled on your blog and this looks like the funnest party! i want to have one now