Friday, January 06, 2006

The 12th Day of Christmas

I made a Kings' cake/"bean cake" to celebrate the Epiphany (Grandma would have been proud)

It was a short celebration - the cake was abducted shortly after this picture was taken to be devoured by a pack of ravenous poker-playing men.

I guess Christmas is officially over. All the decorations are packed up, as well as the 80% off finds for next year's theme tree (one hint: ornaments of a Santa and a snowman dressed in camo hunting vests). It feels kind of empty in the house. I started a new decorating project for the top of our entertainment center, but am having a hard time finding a mirror to complete my vision. I visited all my usual home decor haunts, and am just not finding anything close to what I am looking for. Additionally, once I do find "the one," I'm sure it will be quite expensive, as most mirrors I have seen in the size I am looking for are over $200...

It's always difficult for me to justify furniture purchases. We are still renters, and though we may have broke some of the cardinal rules of renting on a whim (I don't recall if the rental agreement said it was or was not ok to paint the ceiling of our bedroom burgundy...), we typically do spend much time or money decorating the place. You can imagIne where most of our Kooky furniturE cAme from, and it serves it function, but we are not set enough on any one design scheme that we could furnish our duplex with now, and expect to move all of the furniture to a real house someday (my fondest daydream - a real grown up house!) Maybe I'll get lucky and find a mirror in the alley or something. A cool set of dining room chairs would be nice, too.


telfair said...

I can totally relate to your furniture musings. We're renters too and IKEA is our basic design style. My husband has found some gorgeous, unique things at estate sales and even (gasp) in the trash, but they're mostly in storage now. He's a firm advocate of "preloved" treasures!
Good luck with the mirror.

Pink Rocket said...

Have you tried a contruction resale shop? Like Habitat for Humanity? You might get lucky and score an old bathroom mirror or even some mirrored paneling that you could frame or whatever it is your "vision" is leading you to! Ooh, also the junk yard too.

Cristina said...

Dang! That cake was good!!! It was SO flavorful (cinnamony). I loved it! Can I have the recipe?

While I was not a part of the "pack of ravenous poker-playing men", I happen to be married to one. Luckily I was able to tiptoe past the poker table and sneak a piece of delicious cake before I was forced back into confinement.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the advice! I'll try a few more places, maybe venture to a salvage yard (a true salvage yard - not one of the L.A. versions carrying overpriced demolition debris). I'm still optomistic about finding the right mirror someday, perhaps when I least expect it.